Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday

charged that the RSS imprint was evident everywhere in the BJP-led NDA government and that the outfit wants to penetrate and control all institutions in the country.

“You currently have one institution called the RSS, mother of the BJP, which believes it is the only institution in the country. They want to penetrate into all other institutions and control them,” he said.

The mindset has led to chaos everywhere in the country, including areas of judiciary and education, he maintained.

“We believe India should be run by its 1.2 billion people. One set of people, one ideology should not run the country,” he said during an interaction with intellectuals in Bhubaneswar.

The Congress leader also said that his party has a view different from the ruling BJP when it comes to functioning of key institutions.

“Our party has a different view on how key institutions should be supporting the country. It respects decentralisation, independence of institutions and constitutional advances,” he asserted.

Gandhi also said “monopolisation and capture of the education and healthcare system in the country needs to be challenged”.

“A middle-class person has to pay crores of rupees to get good quality education. The same is the case in the healthcare system. That needs to be challenged,”the Congress chief added.