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    Kashmiri May No longer Witness Deaths from Suffocation in Winter

    Native Inventors Come up with Carbon monoxide detection and ventilation system Abrar A. Mattoo The cases of death due to asphyxiation is commonplace occurring in Kashmir, especially in winters when...

    3 August, 2021

    2 min read
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    Darbar Move: Effects on Business of Jummuites.

    Last month on 20 June decision was taken by L-G had announced that the Jammu and Kashmir administration has completely transitioned to e-office, thereby ending the practice of the biannual...

    5 July, 2021

    2 min read
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    Suicide, the epidemic we are ignoring

    By Insha Wani “Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.” It’s estimated that around 15 per cent of...

    30 June, 2021

    3 min read
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    Why does Kashmir’s rural Healthcare system Struggle so?

    Author : Insha Wani “Good health is the best blessing” Imam Ali.. Health is indeed very important ,than other things in life . Health care is the prevention, treatment, and...

    17 June, 2021

    2 min read
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    Outbreak of Covid-19 evolving AI in Dentistry

    We are at the very beginning of how Machine learning can help us in this pandemic.And we learned that health care needs to be faster and more efficient. The artificial...

    16 June, 2021

    2 min read
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    The martyadom of imam Ali as asper shia ENCLOYPIDia.

    Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Rashidun caliph and first Shia Imam was assassinated by a Kharijite called Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Amr ibn Muljam al-Muradi on 26 January 661, at...

    25 April, 2021

    4 min read