Sopore: Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday arrested one person from Sopore over creating fake social media accounts and for anti national posts.

As per the officials, “Sopore police has arrested one Rayees Ahmad Mir @ Danish S/O Feroz Ahmad Mir R/O Brath kalan for creating fake accounts on social media and using the same accounts for anti – national activities”.

He added, “Recently he had uploaded a video on his facebook account namely Abu Huzaife (claiming to be from Gujranwala Pakistan) and the person whose photograph is shown in the video is a very reputed business man from Bemina Srinagar, issuing a hit warrant against him for his association with political party”.

“He approached Sopore police for taking action against the admin/creator of this account. Upon receiving this information Sopore police took cognizance and registered a case and with the assistance of cyber cell of Jammu and Kashmir Police Srinagar, Sopore Police was able to identify the user/admin of the Facebook account/page from where the threatening video was uploaded”, police said.

It added, “The accused has been arrested and is now in police custody, since past few days police has identified many accounts and persons who are misusing social media to create anti state atmosphere and demonizing security forces”.

“Those who create fake accounts on social media to run anti state propaganda and spreading fake information must bear in mind that they will be identified and proceeded under law. Sopore police with the help of cyber cell of Jammu and Kashmir Police is in the process of indenting the antecedents of some 200 such accounts who have been sharing anti state content in order to create law and order problem in the area and they are to be summoned shortly. It is for the general public that whosoever misuses the medium will not be spared”, police said.