INTRODUCTION In Geographic point of view Geographical studies incomplete without a reference to the real earth situation.Every time we talk about a paradise valley karnah its physical features, people their culture, scenic beauty adaptation to Environment, it becomes meaningful only when we actually visualised it on ground.. I draw ur attention towards a beautiful natural scenic valley I:e, karnah, karnah is valley situated 80 km away from north kashmir Dist.kupwara which is famous for their scenic beauty.Karnah is well known for its natural beauty not only in kashmir but throughout India.karnah is covered with mountains from four sides.It has lot to offer and feed the aesthetic sense of one being.Meadows like bangus valley,sadhanatop, Jarla,Mooriyan,Ragni,Teetwal attraction spot like bangus,Teetwal and Ragni with glorious natural beauty and surrounded by pictures que mountain ranges and shamasbari glaciers to make them accessible. The people of karnah are very simple and honest.Adventure tourism like reli skeing,snow skeing, Rock climbing and much more,the natural scene of karnah valley has been highly generous in providing us with enchanting and mesmerizing sight.. But its very sad to say for me that Tourism,politicians,Beaurocrats,and social activists does not function insolation;the inter connection and inter dependent of all the stake holders is necessary for the proper functioning of this sector which can be visualised as: Tourist destination:proper system in place-civilised citizens,more tourists more revenue generation Developmental -Employment generation -financial stability healthy and wealthy valley. COMPULSORY MESSAGE FOR ALL Im Tahir Qadoos native of Tangdar and being a Journalist feeling Ashamed to say that My politicians,Beaurocrats,and social activists ignore my valley karnah and responsible for destruction of natural beauty of karnah valley.I ask a question to those who represent my karnah at any level please don’t play a dirty with my valley.This valley make u politicians ,Beaurocrats prominent social activists but why u feeling ashamed to represent my valley karnah. Finally its unfortunate to say that My EX-Present political representatives are busy in the process of allegation and counter allegation.They already know what needs to change.simply its my message to those who sit on Round chairs to enjoying their power.. THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION