A society can suffer no worse disaster than the loss of the power to distinguish good and bad. In today’s world a man has become like a toy in the hands of problems and inflictions. The fame which is gained today is earned when the evil traits of the people are exposed, ignoring the noble qualities of all. The contemporary situation in Kashmir is in its worst phase of violence, uncertainty, fear, threat and injustice. The latest shopian civilian killings are not such first civilian killings in the history of Kashmir nor will be last one. War begets war and increasing graph of killings had never fetched any desired result for any nation to flourish in the global world. The South Kashmir is engulfed in fire, chaos and in dilemma. Encounters on daily basis are happening in Kashmir without a pause, influencing the educational sector very badly. The opening of schools in Kashmir after winter vacation started with the closing, due to civilian deaths in shopian by the hands of security forces. Young Generation is attracted to join the Militancy ranks. In Everyday encounters killing of young brains of Kashmir is a matter of great concern to ponder. My million dollar question to all of you is that, if India maintains the view that Kashmir is its integral part ,then why Kashmiris are been killed on daily basis and genuine voice of the masses are not been heard ? Why Justice and transparency are not delivered on the ground? Why under the shield of AFSPA and PSA intellectuals and youth are being put behind the Jails? Had been FIR on Major Aditya yielded results, today bullets would not have flown with such ease in shopian. Those whose eyesight is weak use spectacles, but there are no spectacles to compensate for the weakness of Intellectual vision.Killing of innocent people whether civilian, policemen or Army men are highly condemnable and every Kashmiri mourn on every death happening in this land of Reshis and Sufis. The Home grown Militancy in Kashmir especially south is due to lack of political dialogue, lack of economic opportunities, excessive militarization, repeated Human Right Violations, injustice, corruption and dual stand of chosen representatives. Men in uniform have committed huge atrocities and mass Human Rights violations in Kashmir, unfortunate part is that not a single action had taken so far against any officials involved in human right violations. Videos have gone viral on social media depicting the atrocities of security persons on common Kashmiris, beating young boys blue and black to say Pakistan Murdabad. Terrorism has added fuel to the fire and at the end of the day common people in Kashmir suffered a lot and are still suffering. The youth so called as the future of every Nation have no relevance here. We are losing young generation in Kashmir at a very fast rate and no hesitation to say that Kashmir has turned into graveyard. The cry’s and voice of Kashmir’s are no we’re heard, on contrary, People organize discussions and run offices over the killings in Kashmir. It has become too much profitable business for miser interested people. The Kashmir solution is a political one and demands humanity in its first stand to go with. Do not let us fall into the belief that violence and conflict are unavoidable, solution is found within each of us. Peace is the choice of man and war is a dislike of man. When justice is invaded, war becomes the counter act of the same. Peace depends on each one of us, intentions and thoughts create the conditions in which we all live. Let us change our thoughts into peaceful ones. Ultimately it is calculated action and correct thinking concerning the solution of problems that determine an individual’s capacity to make progress. To conclude with the words of Dr B.R.Ambedkar, “However good a constitution may be, it is sure to be turning out bad because those who are called to work it happen to be bad lot. However bad a constitution may be, it may turn out be good if those who are called to work it, happen to be a good lot.” Syed Karar Hashmi Social Activist and Political Commentator from Central Kashmir Ganderbal Author: kararhashmi5@gmail.com ?