Peerzada Tahir Qadoos : Education is just like a candle of light and because of it any society can reach on top position as we know nowadays our education system is not a system on the ground because of negligence .we don’t want to infringement in these type of matter’s but we can’t tolerate these type of negligence because its matter of our children’s life .we have seen lot of schools in which lot of students forget own teacher’s name so it’s not shame for those teachers who are absent from many months it’s for those who have knowledge but they don’t want to take any action against them.we are living under stress because of that we can tolerate any discrimination but we can’t take any step against those persons who are playing Hitler type of policy in the whole tensile. So if we can tolerate spoiling career of our children because of those persons who have just some time left on the chair of dictator so there is no need of panic come out from the pocket’s of those persons who are playing u just like a card don’t mind I am not targeting to any one I am telling about the whole society. Please don’t ignore my views because if am voluntary want to do something good for whole society then why some persons are spreading conspiracy type of views against me I am also a native of karnah I have feeling about my motherland & I can’t tolerate any dictatorship against the future of children so it’s time to take some action against those persons who are not willingly want to join duty is not found in Govt.schools private schools also indulge in business and earn money from poor parents.The future Of Karnah education sector is in dark. After many statements which i uploaded in various social media groups regarding the Failure of education system in Karnah today i am going To discuss some genuine issue and most difficult problems facing our students and parents. In Teh.Karnah lot of problems facing students,Parents and also teachers but higher authority have no tension to save the future of Thousand students.The students of Jadda karama semari B.M.S Gomal U.P.S Gomal facing lot of problems because of non availability of teachers,Head teachers but Higher authority of Karnah education deppt. Fails to provide satisfaction to those poor and non influenced students. Now locals of the karnah highly condemned the matter and also send complaint to DSEK for Action.