Javid Majeed / Kashmir Crown

Bagna and Dachna Salamabad of north Kashmir’s Uri town on Sunday appealed authorities to limit the movement of lime stone laden trucks in the area which has caused devastation of roads macadamized last year.

Talking to Kashmir Crown locals said that hundreds of trucks are passing through the villages every day which has caused huge devastation to roads macadamized last year. They said lime stone laden big trucks are passing through Dara Gutlian , Bagna and Salamabad Dachna where at some bottlenecks creating huge traffic jams throughout the day.

“Last year R&B Department macadamized the said road under CRF project costing more than 20 crore rupees but the continous tresspassing of lime stone laden trucks destroyed the surface of roads”, locals said.

They added that the damage caused to road surface has turned the entire village into dusty which has given birth to respiratory issues, cold, skin allery and other ailments among villagers. They said the villagers can challenge Covid-19 somehow but dust seems a critical threat to lives of common people in the area.

They appealed higher authorities to allow lime stone laden trucks through alternate routes or limit their movement for the safety of villagers.

An official of the district administration told that a high level committee has already been constituted with an aim to address the concern of villagers. He said the committee will soon visit the area and will submit its findings to Deputy Commissioner Baramulla.