An army chief making headlines for the wrong reasons is a painful sight. Some months ago, it was about the incident of the human shield and the general’s views on fighting the dirty war. This time, General Bipin Rawat has connected his theory of dirty war to domestic politics. With his latest remarks on matters as  electoral surge of parties and, parenthetically, the security ideology of our armed forces, the current army chief has not merely betrayed the breadth of his expertise but also the weaknesses of prudence, politics and principle that he suffers from. Now by giving such statements about the Kashmir, one of the dangerous place in the world and is witnessing bloodshed for last many years, “In fact, I wish these people, instead of throwing stones at us, were firing weapons at us. Then I would have been happy. Then I could do what I (want to do),” if the Supreme commander consists such ideology, then how can we expect peace. It is not merely lack of judgment that is at stake here. The general also chose to go into political analysis. He is known for his provocative statements, his hard-core thinking especially in a nation which acclaimed as world, s largest democracy. The foundation of the Indian nation-state is firmly based on the belief that irrespective of communities and creeds, citizens of the country sustain the spirit of national sovereignty. By his remarks on demographic composition, the army chief has gone far beyond the issue of planned influx and ventured into the territory or arguments that seek to undo this foundation of the Indian nation-state In an interview to The Indian Express, Gen Rawat said: “I want to tell Kashmiri youth that Azadi is not possible. It will not happen. Do not get carried away unnecessarily. Why are you picking up weapons? We will always fight those who seek Azadi, those who want to secede. (Azadi) is not going to happen, never”. He said that army doesn’t enjoy killings as Kashmiris need to understand that the  (security forces) haven’t been so brutal …. Look at Syria and Pakistan. But when we discuss for a while on such statement. It looks like provocative statement and works such Ghee in the fire. Especially Kashmir youth who are witnessing the funerals, massacres, bloodshed on daily basis, as we know every youth contains warm blood its time period, when a human can do anything especially when it comes to his home on his family member. Kashmir issue is an International dispute recognized by the United Nation Security Council, despite the recognition army general is giving non-effective, immature statement, ‘I do not understand  why Kashmiri masses are coming out in a huge numbers to disrupt our operations he further added that, ‘who is inciting them? If they don’t want to get militants killed , they should go and tell them to come out without weapons so that nobody gets killed. When I such will come by supreme commander of Indian force, I personally want to ask him a question , You are saying leave weapons you will not get killed by forces I want to tell him Kashmiris loose their brothers not only by picking up arms but also playing in the fields , who is responsible for those killings , and your question gets fade when its comes to leave weapons because it  is a place where mothers are giving gun salutes to their sons after martyrdom and yours statements are violating the Kashmiri features i.e. Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat. At last the fact of the matter is that Kashmir is a multi-tiered and multidimensional conflict which can only be resolved politically; not military. The primacy of the military can only lead to frustrating stalemates. In the final analysis, it is only a multi-stakeholder paradigm with people at the centre of it all that can lead to peace within and without.  The sooner this is realized the better for all.