Educational Politics’ is not just a mere combination of two distinct and non-relative words that actually are not meant to be beside each other(the two main words – Education and Politics) but a kind of book that has several thought provoking chapters in it. As I open this book, several chapters unfold, several thoughts mentioned and several others’ thoughts maybe haunted. Actually, the immense meaning of the word lies in understanding how politics is disturbing the educational scenario in our country. The chapters may include the one of ‘Govt. and Private Schools’, one of ‘Reservation to the Backward Classes’ and maybe another one ie., ‘Reservation to Minorities’ and so on……. Reservation……..! Why? ….. Actually, we’ve not paid our thought to that, that there is nowhere written in the Indian Constitution about the division of people on the basis of their caste or creed. So why there is so heed paid in our country towards the reservation on the basis of so called ‘castes’. According to the Constitution of India, every citizen of the country must be treated equally. There is nowhere mention of castes in the Constitution. There may be some reasons about why reservation of the so called ‘low castes’ is there in place. Maybe because of our negligence we have not thought much about it. This illegal practice is being done by the Govt of our country, not the people. This may lead to another conclusion that the politicians do not have known about this fact. India is presented to the world as the largest democracy. What if the world comes to know that this sentence is just there on paper and that its constitution is not even followed by the Government. In today’s world, especially in our country, everyone has access to the same facilities. Everyone can be poor also and it is also not specific to a particular caste or tribe, this does not mean that poverty may lead a person being classified in reserved list. No! How is this possible in the world’s largest democracy? And where boys and girls are treated equally according to the Constitution, then why there is a separate quota for girls in some educational institutions, isn’t this now a separation on the basis of sex by the Government itself. We must not tolerate this anymore and do something in this regard as the talent which needs to/has the ability to reach heights is blocked by our so called reservation system in educational or other institutions. God has provided all of us with the same kind of brains and it is up to an individual how he develops his brain and how far he can reach. So we may not blame the then social practices in this regard.