Failure: A Teacher Worth Having It is drastic and frightening that , after a failure , the first thing that strikes the mind of my youth is suicide. The only thing they see after a collapse, is the death of theirs. They don’t consider a second of think over it and just jump to the conclusion. A conclusion that is evil, hard and ridiculous. They judge life over a single page and become ready to shred the whole book just because a page of it according to them, becomes stained. Failing or whatever you call it is never a insignia of your intellect, adroitness, your abilities and capabilities, you ken. This is why I think and say that the education system of ours is dead, It is obviously. What our pedagogues fail to teach is that failure is one of the greatest teachers one encounters in life. Failure, be it in any field and pitch, academic, love , business and whatever, is a step that takes you forward if you push your anger, your frustration and everything else you have in a right direction. Failures make success. They mould and bind you, make you strong, let you grow and prepare and train you for you have to have a next one. What my education system and the books fail me to learn is that life itself is a teacher. Every second of it sculptures one for the next second. They work in a give and take game. The previous second teaches you a lesson and the next one takes the test. When you just direct me to run a race, the day I am injured, I would surely quit. What else do you expect? You don’t lesson me on how to fireback, you don’t guide me for how one should rise from the ashes, you don’t tutor me on how a fallen has a rise. This education is no education. They are just brainwashing our minds and filling them with stuff they like, stuff they want me to think. They educate me on what to think not how to think and this, I find, is the most pernicious and disastrous . This not only reflects on the students but on the families, students and society at large. The didactic lessons are nowhere to be found, we are in tandem and they are feeding us sh*t(I am sorry to write this). Life never demands lessons from books memorized line by line. What it demands is that you have the ability, the courage to learn a lesson it throws at you. But one thing that is pertinent to mention is that our society is the one that kills us the most. Failure and downfall of any type is stigmatized as if a person is a drug addict, murdered or that equally evil. The harangue they have are sharper than swords and much piercing than bullets. The chagrin one has at a loss is immense and I hardly believe that anyone else is able to compassionate that and have that empathy. This is indubitable. They just gawk daftly and castigate the criminal of their eyes, conflagrate his life with the fuel of their words and a spark of their iniquitous gaze. How they besmirch one is what I call terrorism. They are always harrowing. The incarceration that they create is butchering. Deterring is all what they know. But what I want my youth to know is that you are no bereft. This is the world you have to face these are the people who will pull you even down. It remembers me of that dialogue from the movie “Welcome” and it goes as “ People are just like crabs, try to get out of the mud and they pull you down by your leg. Well this is a harsh reality and let it be so. Let people be that, we can’t change them and we don’t want to. There are lot of other things to be done, and the ones worth your time. Let them talk talk and talk because that is the only thing they can do. Had it been they have done something in their own lives. They wouldn’t mind yours. But since they are their, let them be . But one thing is, don’t be docile, don’t let people govern and influence you minds as they would only make it worse. Learn to goal and make it a reality no matter what it takes how much it takes. Failures just keep coming and going. They are meant to be there, was it that failures were no in our life, we would be no humans. Perfection is only Almighty’s. We are the makes of It. Learn life as it unwinds, don’t let your losses govern you, govern them direct them to invigorate you. But this would only be possible once you know your faults as well and work on them. Don’t be contingents to talks. Life is full of impediments it was never easy and never would be. If someone is talking you that life is easy, they are faking. Just ask the,” Was Yours Easy?”, you will get your answer and they, theirs. The results that came out recently stormed me, what I heard from what minds and persons made me worried, as a student I ask, is this what my life is ? Is marks or outshining someone else all what I am for ? I am trying to lampoon here or create a tirade. Just trying to imbue my youth that be strong, I know it is onerous but believe me it is worth that. For those who still think I am wrong, grab yourself a cup of coffee. Talk, talk and talk. Sadat Riyaz B-Tech Electronics and Communications