Irfan Tilgami | Nasir Aslam Wani with gujjar leaders at NC headquaters at srinagar.

A delegation of Senior Gujjar leaders of Bandipora met with Provincial President Of National Conference Nasir Aslam wani at party headquarters Nawae-Subah Srinagar where Wani listened to various concerns raised by gujjar leaders.

The Gujjar leaders told the higher authorities that the former legislators of Bandipora have neglected their community in their respective terms which is sheer injustice to the gujjar community besides their larger participation in electoral process.

A memorandum was forwarded by gujjar leaders to senior leader where the gujjar leaders impressed upon the higher authorities that the gujjar community of kashmir and bandipora has always remained loyal to the party and has given a lot of sacrifices right from the genesis of the party.

“We have sacrificed our entire lives in serving the party at gross root level,but we were not given a poltical space which we deserved. Now we want our own leader who can represent our aspirations”, said a senior Gujjar leaders of National Conference bandipora Chowdary Siddique. The Gujjar community will be represented by their own candidate in upcoming assembly election and we have full faith on leadership that mandate will be given to our candidate”, said another senior Gujjar leader Bashir Ahmad khan.

The political leaders of Bandipora have always exploited us on various issues and have decieved us.Now the time has come where we will mobilize our community in particular and general public of bandipora and will aware them not to fell prey to political propagandas made by so called leaders.

Among the prominent Gujjar leaders of Bandipora who met Provincial President Nasir Aslam wani were senior leaders Mohammad Ismael Aiwan, Master Sirrajuddin, Zahoor Ahmad khan, Mir Ahmad Chother, Mushtaq Ahmad Chother ,Bashir Ahmad khan.