Today I felt it very much required to write about the decreasing,declining and alarming rate of normal deliveries in Kashmir.The trouble torn valley hit by conflict and inflicted by many injuries,is getting more hurts by some selfish doctors who scissor the mothers rather than even giving them chance of normal delivery.which is natural process of birth.This mode of caesarean (abnormal deliveries)or C-Section is sky high in Kashmir where money on these deliveries is spend like anything. Once we go back to the memories of past,we as a society can recollect that baby deliveries used to happen normally without caesarean. Why caesarean deliveries are skyrocketing in Kashmir now,is this the incompetence of doctors,money minting business of doctors or the changing lifestyle. Once we talk about C-Section deliveries,majority of the woman are suggested by doctors to for caesarean delivery. I quote here one report of Kashmir Crown News where WHO said women are being forced into having procedures which are unnecessary because doctors and midwives think takes too long. The new advice says that slow progress alone should not be seen as a reason to go for intervention,in the same News report of Kashmir Crown quoting a WHO doctor who says “Things like caesarean sections, using a drug called oxytocin to speed up labour is becoming very rampant in several areas of the world.” It’s as scary for mother as it is for the rest of the family. I still remember how seriously it was discussed about in our area when I was young. “Hamara pota toh bade operation se paida huwa hai, bahu ko thik hone mei bahut time lagega” – means our grandson is born through big operation and our daughter-in-law will take a long time to recover. Now here starts the blame game – “Doctors in Kashmir are not interested in vaginal delivery”. This is true in majority of the cases, every profession in Kashmir is looking for more profits as they deceive and cheat the customers and here for doctors caesarean delivery makes more money and despite getting huge salary from the public exchequer,doctors make more money in Caesarean delivery than normal delivery and loot the poor patients irrespective of their economical status. I talked to hundreds of patients across the valley who showed their helplessness as doctors suggested them to go for caesarean delivery that too in private clinics. According to a kashmir Crown news report, “In the private sector, C-section rates go up to 80 per cent, while in government hospitals it stands at around 15 per cent.So doctors make money like anything in these C-section deliveries. But here some instances of good doctors are still there who prefer,even compel and counsel So, which clears the fact that all the doctors are not same. It’s your duty to find a good doctor who will ultimately look out for you and your baby’s overall well-being. But there is also fault in the government hospitals as well where Operation theatres are non functional and don’t work round the clock.One of the doctor from north Kashmir said that Incase patients gets some complications in normal delivery,it needs urgent surgical birth but we don’t have Operation theatres working 24 hours. Majority of the women in Kashmir are having cesarean sections—and it’s everybody’s fault. The rising number of cesarean, or surgical births in Kashmir is a major concern to all of us.That doctors, patients and policymakers are all responsible for a steep increase in unnecessary, costly procedures.Patients spent even more than 40 thousand on the delivery of a baby in private sector in Kashmir. Casual attitudes about surgery and variation in professional practice style. Our society is more tolerant than ever of surgical procedures, even when not medically needed. This is reflected in the comfort level that many health care providers,hospital administrators and women themselves have with cesarean trends. Further, the cesarean rate varies quite a bit across the valley and areas of the Kashmir,hospitals and maternity care providers. Most of this variation is due to “practice style” rather than differences in the needs and preferences of childbearing women. The public health problem of unnecessary caesareans has been around for some time now. But only recently, with distrust in the healthcare system increasing in Kashmir,have patients in Kashmir begun questioning needless surgeries vociferously. A C-section may also be necessary in certain situations, such as delivering a very large baby in a mother with a small pelvis, or if the baby is not in a heads-down position and efforts to turn the baby into this position before birth have been unsuccessful.One now hopes that the medical community proactively and urgently initiates efforts (rather than being forced by public pressure) to offer more evidence-based birthing experiences, as these will also be highly positive steps in reaching out to a disconcerted society.