Rape and walk free, I think that is what Indian government is replacing the rape laws by. The current demoralizing, devastating and depressing circumstances that are prevailing take us at the back of our mind and compel us to think over what we have become and what we do. I read what Asifa’s father said “We searched for Asifa everywhere but not in the Temple because we knew it is a sacred place.” The father could doubt anything but not the sacred place, the cannibals who were involved in this traumatic evil did much more than what actually happened. I am unable to move my pen and write what happened, scared of how they rape and kill. It still needs to be written, it needs to be brought out, the voice needs to be raised, the cry needs to be heard. Their lust didn’t stop there, they did much more , they raped the Temple of its sanctity, the God of it sacrosanct, slaughtered a father’s hope, molested the nation’s stature, battered a mother’s vision for her daughter. It sent chill to my spine and I was assaulted by the thoughts of how trust can be broken. This is not limited to Asifa only, we have witnessed these horrific incidents in almost all of the country. What I find strangulating is that nothing has changed. It is all same, the candle marches, the tweets, the criticising writings, Injustice, rhetoric, the political melodrama, the silence, To and Fro statements, blame game of political parties, all. But wait, something is new. We can see a no. of people, some belonging to the government, who are even against Asifa. I ask , what more low could you fall ? they answered, “we can, we rape on the basis of religion”. It is frightening and horrifying to witness that. It terrorized my mind and I had to give a thought on who is more monstrous, man or an animal. The media that cries for whole of the day about Pakistan, just trying to make their bosses happy, create chaos, instigate violence and indoctrinate people with communalism, irrationality and hatred , propagate hegemony , upset the order and let their desires fed is nowhere to be seen. What do I ask from a government which is unable to keep a girl/a woman safe, which fails to guard the modesty, the pride of my nation? How would anyone again raise a slogan, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” when the daughter of Mata is molested, raped and killed with such brutality and silence is what the authorities give us. The demand of bringing in a CBI probe is an aporia , some saying that this happened because of the neighbouring nation, declaring it to be a controversy and all, this is more dangerous to the nation, it not only segregates the country on basis of religion but also on the basis of thoughts and that is where a nation dies. The silence of all the prime authorities is doing nothing but making this nation notorious, killing its sovereignty and raping its integrity. The whole world now acknowledges this but we the mute spectators watching the dance of death. The people who stand against Asifa even now are the bugs and pests, they are anti nationals, they are the people whose lust is not met. It is clear on what happened and who did it but instead of hanging them to death, we debate, we blame a separate nation, we ask , “did it not happen in your tenure”, we declare it a controversy, we don’t provide land for burial. The Chief Minister of state had a tweet recently about making sure it never happens again and Asifa’s case is the last, madam with due respect I ask, why did even Asifa happen? The prime minister is no odd one he too was mute. Was the chronology of these terror attacks not adequate to wake you of your conscious and shake your conscience, are you such impervious. A day had passed and another such brutal incident took place in Unnao, then in Surat. Be it Kathua, Unnao or Surat the accused and arrested are from one way or the another linked to the ruling party, I mean do you feed them megalomania? they are out of control like beasts on the roads. I am not attacking a particular party here. But yes, when this happens under you watch and rule, I will and I am attacking you. This is a nation where the concept of using rape as a political tool was justified, bravo! It is being implemented well. The silence of the rules tacitly shows where we are heading, an abyssal hell. The government is extenuating, trying to throw the dust and dirt. They have already linked this with Pakistan, it would take them a little time more to talk only about the later. I wonder, if Pakistan didn’t happen, with what would our rulers feed and fool us? The child would have taken a small part of land to be rested in peace, but we “the humans” didn’t allow that, she was to be buried 8 Kms away from her home. Our thoughts and thinks need a change immediately and necessarily, we may be physically strong and fit but mentally and morally we have fallen. We need to address ourselves, no one can make us understand except our own selves. The protests, candle marches did nothing in the past, the culprits and cannibals were released. The same cycle has continued earlier but it should no more go that way. Alas! I am fooled, it already did. Let’s put the ego aside, I think we need to learn a lesson from our neighbouring nation. At least they had the guts to do what was right and make sure that no one again falls the victim. I accept, they might not be good in any other thing but they are the best at bringing justice in such situations. If our country can have demonetisation, GST implemented and all other big and huge shifts, why can’t we punish the culprits? Why is it difficult for us to change the laws. I have been learning all long that government is of the people, for the people and by the people. Why then? it should be simple to introduce more grave laws. There is no point of questioning the constitution but if a law doesn’t suit the people, change the law. They are killing my nation, they are more dangerous than black money, they are what terrorists look like, this is what terrorism is. They make me remember of 26/11. The nation was then attacked, it is now attacked. That war was physical and devastating, this is psychological and razing. If this continues there would be a day when female foeticide would again have a drastic birth and rise, this time not because of money, inferiority or cultural but of the fear of rape. Other nations would ban their women from coming to India. We would be stigmatized for rape. May death come to me before I see the day when rape would have a synonym, India. The boasting foreign affairs will do nothing until my own home is growing evil? what do I do with the industries when its unsafe to come out for almost half of the population? of what need are parks and roads when they are used for rapes and murders? I say bring my development to zero, GDP to minimum possible, I won’t question, just keep us safe and secure. Vanish the fear of a mother who would now be frightened to send her girl to the temple, comfort the father whose hope is burned and trust raped, bring smile to the face that is terrorized by rape, murder the monster that threatens my daughter and hang the man who choked my cry, kill the man who broke my skull. I don’t ask for anything more, I know you can’t do. Just do what is moral and legal, bring me justice, bring me peace. The women who is asking for a CBI probe should ask it from the mother of that daughter, she can’t, the mother would ask back her daughter, won’t she? The rise in crimes particularly against women are enough to be an eye opener for all of us. It would be devastating and razing if we still do nothing to prevent it. No matter what we do, how much we diatribe and debate. A mother’s eyes would still long for her daughter. Little did anyone know, “Beti Bachao” was a warning. I fear she may someday say , “I wish I could change, their country of birth”.(The opinion expressed are of Authors own) Sadat Riyaz B-Tech Electronics and Communication. Sadatriyaz7@gmail.com