Shaziya Khanam

Baramulla, July 25: The entire performance of the students depends on their mental health. Till date there is no proven treatment to manage the novel Corona virus disease. There is need of psychiatrist in this to keep the mental balance of the students.

“Covid-19 is perhaps one of the biggest pandemic which has threatened humans and their life from last 100 years. It brought economies of all the countries to recession resulting in unemployment of most of the people living below poverty lines ,disrupted supply chains, pushed millions of people in poverty resulting in depression even suicides”, said Pankil Kapoor , an engineering student.

“I lost all my physical contacts with my college mates due to Covid. There’s lot of stress for pre exam preparations because all exams are postponed and no exact date is announced yet . There’s a Self study of curriculum and faced a lot of problems in understanding various topics. It is mandatory to conduct regular online classes to prevent the students getting into entire state of depression” said Rahil Fayaz student of Jamia Millia University.

“Due to Covid-19, Children are at home, they have no contact with their classmates and the frustration level increases day by day.

Some families don’t understand the concerns of the students due to which they attempt sucide because at that time students are comparing themselves with others who are living happy life. So its request to all parents to deal with them in a positive manner , don’t count their negative things ,motivate them for their career and future.”, said Shalu Gupta , Jammu University.

Student of Islamia College of Science and Commerce , “Imran Pampori said , I used to sleep early before the lockdown began, because I needed to wake up early for college. Now, as there is nowhere to go , I spend nights watching movies and shows, which has disrupted my sleeping pattern and body clock.”

“Mental health is as important as physical health and should be addressed during this pandemic. The longer our society goes without social interaction , the more likely mental health declines” , said Dr. Kounsar, a Psychiatrist at Composite Regional Centre,Bemina.