Galwan must be a lesson for China in her nefarious designs of expansionism

JULY 7, SRINAGAR: After images of withdrawal of Chinese forces from Galwan Valley were being reported, BJP’s National Vice president Er Aijaz Hussain said that the move was an answer to congress who has been unnecessarily raising fingers on the central government’s action in the Ladakh region.

Hussain, in the statement said that the move has come just days after the Prime Minister Narinder Modi visited the Galwan Valley, took stock of the situation, and boosted the morale of the forces. Modi had said that the time of expansionism was over.

“It should be an eye opener to Congress which had been ruling the country for seventy years with the most incompetent leadership. Ladakh, like other problems, is their contribution to the nation. Now we are handling it with a befitting reply,” he said.

Hussain also said that there will be no further attempts from China in Ladakh as the able leadership has handled the issue with grit and might. China won’t do any further misadventure, he added.

According to reports, China has withdrawn troops by at least a kilometer in three places in Ladakh including the tense Galwan river valley where 20 soldiers were killed in action in a deadly brawl with Chinese troops on June 15. Indian soldiers have also pulled back and a buffer zone has been created between the troops of both sides, according to NDTV.

Taking a dig at Rahul Ghandhi, Hussain said that he must look inwards before making any comment on forces, or their ability to handle situations. Hussain said that Rahul must know that anything happening in the country is because of them, and when the BJP led leadership is trying to get over them, his party reacts unnecessarily.

“Our country is now in safe hands. Nobody can dare to see our country with an evil eye. Why cannot Congress see how the party has been able to take on forces which have been hitting the country with the poor eye,” the national leader, who is also the west Bengal youth in charge added.