Kashmir Crown Desk

Kashmir Crown Journalist was thrashed and beaten up by the DO of Ganderbal police in Shadipora on Wednesday.
Sabiq Ali Sabiq working with Kashmir Crown Media Group became the victim of goonism of DO GANDERBAL as incident took place on Wednesday.
Sabiq Ali said that he was slapped and abused by the police officer for a personal Facebook post against corruption . “They called me to police post. They took my phone and abused me.I was locked up, stripped and the officer disgraced and insulted me ,” Sabiq was quoted.
Pertinently the Facebook post was against corruption and rising wrongdoings in the society.
Senior journalist Sabiq Ali said that concerned DO was angry over some issue which Was beyond my understanding.DO Gh Parray did harassment and is not allowing me to discharge my professional duties freely,said Sabiq Ali.
However SSP GANDERBAL while speaking to kashmir Crown assured action and said that will listen to the version of reporter in his office tomorrow.