Compensate Affected Orchardists Waive Off KCC loans & Implement MIS Scheme

Congress leader Altaf Malik in his statement to press has said that incessant rains & substandard pesticides has not only scabbed 70 % apple but destroyed fruity industry which is back bone of JK economy thus created havoc among the fruit growers Mr.Altaf appealed lieutenant governor Shri GC Marmu ji to intervene in this serious issue and directed the concern quarters to take immediate & necessary steps for the promotion & upgradation of this important sector.Mr. Altaf stressed government to compensate the affected growers waive off their KCC loans and implement the market intervention scheme (MIS) so that orchadists get some sort of relief. Inquiry should be initiated against the companies & dealers involved in the sale of spurious pesticides & fertilizers added Mr. Altaf.