MLC Javid Mirchal welcomes

Tahir Qadoos :-

Welcoming the prominent workers from Different political Parties into PDP Party, MLC Karnah and PDP leader Javid Mirchal today said that PDP Party will continue to work for overall development of the Karnah & people as well.
Mirchal also said that PDP believes in uniting people, it will continue to bridge the gaps among the communities created by divisive forces inorder to serve their vested interests.

In a party function held in Gabra which was presided over by Javid Mirchal Various Party workers from Different parties joined PDP Party and expressed full faith in the Leadership of Javid Mirchal, besides the programmes and politics of PDP Party.

Addressing the meeting Javid Mirchal expressed confidence that it is the PDP Party alone which has served the people to the best of its ability and never compromised on its stated position of uniting the communities and serving them equally.

Welcoming the new entrants into PDP Party, he said PDP will continue to feel duty bound to address the concerns of the people irrespective of their Party affiliation, region or religion, for the fact, PDP is the only unifying force in the Country and State will continue to bridge the gaps between communities, he added and cautioned the people of nefarious designs of divisive forces in the State, which are hell bent upon to divide people to serve their vested interests.