A youth group of Kangan Sub Division on Wednesday held a youth interaction programme here at Zedny Institute Of Education Kangan. The Seminar was attended by almost 40 youths/students from different sectors.
The Seminar started with the short interaction of youths with each other followed by the speeches of Sajad Farooq Rather – a Law student, columnist and a participant of Model United Nations event And Suhail Mehraj who has been the speaker of UNO from Kashmir and is an active members of UNDP.
The speakers focussed on the social responsibilities of youth, role of youth for the welfare of society.

Sajad focussed on increasing awareness of sustainability and social responsibility issues and motivating stakeholders to act on them, encouraging students to apply their knowledge, passion, and skills in the pursuit of humanitarian goals, promoting global citizenship and ethical conduct, now and always. He said that social responsibility is the responsibility of every student for their actions. It is morally binding and suggests each individual to act in such a way that minimizes the adverse effect on those immediately around them.
He also said that every Student must keep in mind that students are the change for better tomorrow.
Suhail stressed on the life of a student.
He said that life of a student is not only to secure marks, getting grades and passing through examination but it is something different.They have to be socially responsible and serve the Society.

At last Hidayah Foundation started by a youth of Kangan who is himself a Journalism Student was also launched in the seminar.
Speaking on the seminar, Wajid Lone explained the motives of Hidayah Foundation.

HIDAYAH FOUNDATION is a Non-Governmental, Non-profit & Non-religious Organization dedicated to help the Needy people with a continuous goal to focus on the challenges they may face & provide support to them in terms of Education, Health & other financial aid. However the needy & the needs are required to be real & genuine.
Hidayah Foundation has been started with this sole purpose as a charity foundation with the slogan “LIVE THE LIFE FOR OTHERS” and is striving hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives.