Rafiq bin Hamid

The residents of Watalpora village in sub-division Tangmarg alleged said that the Power Development Department (PDD) has failed to repair their transformer that had developed some technical snag over six Month ago.

“Since then the transformer is yet be repaired. PDD officials did not ever bother to send the transformer for repairs to the workshop,” the locals told.

The village is living under the darkness. “We have been pushed to darkness by the officials and the employees of PDD department,” they alleged.

They added: “Ours is the voice of voiceless. No one listen to our long pending pleas”. They said that all the houses in the village face problems owing to no electricity and their children’s education is suffering.

following which we the local villagers of watalpora took their own the transformer for repairing purpose.

“Despite the passage of six months but the department does not take consider in this matter the department is deliberately forcing us to reel under darkness. “We have been approached to the higher ups several times but unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard.

The villagers said that instead of repairing the transformer, the PDD department were issuing the bills after the end of the month.