By Aatif Qayoom:-

Tonga still comes to the rescue of people who are in need, and this time over, it helped Nisar Ahmad while he was trying to take her ailing wife to the hospital.

In need and in desperation, he approaches the owner of a horse-drawn cart and begs him to carry his ailing wife to the hospital.

“She suddenly complained of fever and pain in the stomach,” Nisar, a resident of Pandithpora, village in north Kashmirs Kupwara district, said.

Tonga was used as a substitute to a car as there was no transport facility available in the area, “as the all the inner link roads were blocked due to heavy snowfall in the area,” he told RNA

Absence of transport facility makes life dull and difficult here, “after snowfall “Even horse carts aren’t available all the time. We’ve to walk down all the distance, which is painstaking,” he added.

But the events took a sudden change at Udipora main road as a police party led by *D O Langate John Mohammad,* come to rescue of the family and offered help in taking Nisar’s wife to the hospital in a police vehicle, family said.

“She managed to reach hospital after a police vehicle dropped her at a nearby sub-district hospital,” the family said.

“We were unable to shift her to a hospital because of heavy snowfall in the area, she was shifted by the police to sub-district hospital Langate were from she was shifted to district hospital Handwara,” the family said.

Further, the family said, with heavy snow rendering interior roads without any vehicle plying over, the family members contacted the nearby police post Langate.(RNA)