As the new cases of swine flu have been detected in the state, the doctors here have appealed people not to panic and take precautions for a better health.

Dr Suhail Naik, head of the medico body Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) while talking to KNO said that people need to understand that it’s a virus and it will remain with humanity but people need to take precautions rather than getting into panic mode.

“The major problem is people don’t listen when they are asked to take precautions like getting vaccinated in the month of October so that as the winters set in they have a safeguard from the virus,” he said. He also said that as winters gets harsh the virus attacks people of all ages but there are several preventive measure that people need to take.

“Getting vaccinated is important but to recommend for all the population is not possible so we suggest most vulnerable people get it done including people suffering of asthma, diabetes, pregnant ladies and children upto age 5,” Naik said, adding that people should take warm fluids. According to Naik, people with cough should use mask so that it is not communicated to other people around.

“If people take preventive measures that is better for themselves rather than getting into panic mode that virus has erupted. The virus will live as long as humanity is on the earth. We cannot stop it. It’s in air and going to Jammu etc cannot be of any use,” he said. “People need to keep up their respiratory hygiene,” he recommended.(KNO)