Baramulla : Faisal Nazir

The people of Suchliwaran Malpora are highly thankful to X-Zen of R&B department Mr.Abdul Rasheed lone for his concern and affection towards the residents of Suchliwaran Malpora as he has put an end to the problems they faced from past few days due to roads being blocked by snow..

“The snow cutting machine was never brought to the area to clear the roads before but it is for the 1st time by hard work of Mr.Abdul Rasheed the machine was brought and the roads were cleared”a local said.

“We highly appreciate his hard work as he made an end to our sufferings that we had to face due to snow”a local added…

Kashmir Crown correspondent Mr.Faisal Bhat while talking to Mr.Abdul Rasheed got better and positive response from the X-Zen as he said that he will always be ready to help people and fulfill his duty every time whenever it will be needed in future