IAS topper Shah Faesal, who raised the slogan of a major change in Jammu and Kashmir by forming his own political party in the year 2019, is now ready to return to the old path once again.

On Monday evening, Faesal resigned from his party J&K People’s Movement that started a new discussion in the market of political possibilities. There is a speculation about Faesal returning to the bureaucracy, although there are reports that he may become Advisor to Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha.

Experts believe that Manoj Sinha’s appointment as Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir is not a normal phenomenon. With Sinha as the Lt Governor on ground, there are many brains behind the scenes taking major decisions in the J&K. It is being said that the Center is now writing the script of a new experiment for the lieutenant governor presently working with the advisory committee of IAS officers. Among the possible alternatives, the most prominent is to form a political advisory committee for the Lt. Governor. It is being said that the central government and the state administration are working on a plan to form a political advisory committee for the restoration of political activities in the state.

*People of BJP in Political Advisory Committee?*

According to sources, Shah Faesal’s resignation is a prelude to the formation of that political advisory committee. Apart from this, there is also a speculation that even if Faesal returns to the bureaucracy again, he will be given a place close to the Raj Bhavan. Meanwhile, discussions to include many more names in the state’s potential political advisory committee are gaining momentum.

*Beginning of political activities and trying to restore confidence.*

It is being said that a plan is being made to have representatives of the public with the Governor as advisory committee to conduct political activities in the state indirectly and to restore confidence in the minds of the people in the state. Apart from this, a list of some officers of the state is also being prepared, whose image has been said to be good among the public. Faesal’s name is also in the list of these officers.

*Direct intervention of PM Modi and Amit Shah.*

Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi are personally monitoring the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. There is also discussion among local leaders of Jammu and Kashmir over speculation, discussions and possibilities. Amidst all this, even though Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has started initial work with the team of outgoing Lieutenant Governor Girish Murmu at the Raj Bhavan in Srinagar, it is being speculated that Jammu and Kashmir will witness some new surprises around Independence Day. It is also certain that PM Modi and Amit Shah are directly going to supervise some significant developments.

(Courtesy Navbharat Times)