Srinagar , 18 January: Doctors Association Kashmir on Friday appealed parents, teachers, civil societies to restrain the kids from playing Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) mobile game.
Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) President and Senior Pediatrician, Dr Suhail Naik said that addiction to PUBG is dangerous than drug addiction and students who are playing this game have developed behavioural, sleep and psychiatric disturbances. Describing the game as “spoiler of future” of young generation, the game can deteriorate academic carreer of scores of addicted students Dr Naik added. Citing the conflict, turmoil and extreme harsh weather as tendency to stick to mobile phones,
the addiction to this game has become more concerning than addiction to drugs Dr Naik further added.

General secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar said that the game should be immediately banned in order to save the future of young generation. This is a cause of concern as the game is spoiling future of scores of children in Jammu and Kashmir. we get to see youngsters playing the game round the clock and doing nothing else. We request the governor led administration to immediately ban the said game in Jammu and Kashmir. As the kids are playing this game for longer periods of time, it also leads to screen allergy in eyes and sleep deprivation apart from other behavioural changes.

Dr Arshed H Trag, Joint Secy DAK said that as PUBG has confirmed “addictive properties”and is currently most popular mobile game, it is our collective responsibility to save current generation of students from ruining their lives and future. It is moral responsibility of preachers, teachers , Doctors and civil societies to educate common masses about the devastating outcomes of said game. Some kids have lost already mental balance because of unlimited time spent on playing.

Several cases of PUBG addiction have been reported in J & K, with the most recent dating back to less than a week ago, in which a fitness trainer was admitted to critical care unit of a hospital in Jammu.

Dr Mohd Yusuf Tak, Senior Exec Member DAK, said that it is Pertinent to mention that National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) have reported several cases of addiction to PUBG in Bengaluru.

Developed by Tencent Holdings Limited, PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS is one of the most popular games in India right now. With regular updates and new features, the player base for the game is constantly increasing.