Aatif Qayoom

In a bid to spread awareness about the importance of voting among the millennials, National Voter’s Day was celebrated at Boys Higher Secondary School Ashpora Qaziabad on Friday afternoon.

Principal BHHS Ashpora Iqbal Rasool Mir addressed the gathering of young students along with other staff of the institute.

Iqbal Rasool enlightened them about their rights.

Inspiring the youngsters, Rasool said, “The election day should not be perceived as just another holiday but there should be a sense of responsibility to make a difference in the society through a vote.

You have the power to choose appropriate leaders to run the country and you must use it to the fullest to help your nation march towards progress. Mushtaq Ahmad Wani Teacher of the institution also highlighted the importance of democracy and suhail sadeeq lone present the oath.

All the lecturers Masters and Teachers were also present to grace the occasion.