Aatif Qayoom

Bandipora: Kashmir Crown, a new age journalism and media house district office, was inaugurated in bandipora district of North kashimir today on Wednesday.

Kashmir Crown district office in bandipora was inaugurated by additional district commissioner Bandipora Zahoor Ahmad Mir and Shahid Imran, Editor-In Chief,Kashmir Crown Media Group.

The office was ingurated in presence of other respectable of the town including Town Chairman and Traders Federation president.

Adc Bandipora Zahoor Ahmad Mir appreciated the opening of new office in bandipora.He teemed this development as significant interms of raising the issues and grievances of public.While speaking on the occasion additional deputy commissioner bandipora said that there is a lot of space for press in the district.

He said that the cooperation from district administration bandipora is always there and would be always there in future for kashmir Crown in serving public.

During the interaction Kashimir Crown Editor in chief sougt cooperation from all the people of Valley and particularly from adminstration in good journalism.He said that the corruption and public grievances especially Social crimes are big challenges for our society.Shahid Imran stressed on certain issues including free and fair media.
He asked administration to be always supportive.

Gowher Khan an experienced journalist, post graduate in journalism was assigned to head the district office bandipora.

Meanwhile Kashimir crown is the number one widely watched digital news platform in Jammu and Kashmir,Kashmir Crown has 2 million viewers per week.