SRINAGAR, August 20

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader and former legislator Javed Hassan Beigh on Thursday reiterated his party’s demand for an exemplary punishment to those who are found guilty of making blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in Jammu province.

Beigh while interacting with Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha who had visited Baramulla district on Wednesday, appraised the latter about the communally charged atmosphere that has gripped the entire J&K after a sacrilegious video went viral on social media a few days ago.

The JKAP leader invited the attention of Lt. Governor towards the centuries-old communal harmony and mutual brotherhood in Jammu and Kashmir and the huge implications of incidents of provocative nature aimed at hurting the religious sentiments that need to be curbed at any cost.

Beigh demanded a stringent action warranted under law against all such fanatics so that no one musters the courage or gets swayed with communal frenzy to commit such a shameful act again or harm the communal ethos of J&K.

“I briefed the Honb’le Lt. Governor that we may tolerate anything but nothing against our beloved Prophet (SAW). I advocated toughest punishment for the guilty so that the same becomes a deterrent against such communal zealots in future,” he added.

The JKAP leader said that Jammu and Kashmir has been an abode of peace, amity and brotherhood and it is a constitutional obligation for any government to prevent and take stern action against elements hell-bent to destroy the ages old communal harmony and pluralistic ethos in this region.

Beigh also demanded a high level inquiry and tough action under cyber law against fake news portals on all social media platforms including facebook, YouTube and twitter. “All those people who are running fake news portals and are not even remotely connected with any registered newspaper or any other media outlet should be identified and booked under relevant cyber laws. Such lawful action shall not only prevent dissemination of rumors but will also curb spread of improper and derogatory content,” he demanded.