Srinagar, July 14: Jammu and Kashmir Socio-Political Activist Movement strongly condemned the ‘obnoxious’ press statement issued by JKDLP Chairman, Hashim Qureshi, the group termed his allegations as blatant lies to defame the social forum and its members, including his own daughter Ms. Laila Qureshi, completely disowning her for joining the JKSPAM.

JK SPAM in a retaliatory press statement said, that the ‘defamatory’ press release issued by Mr. Qureshi has put the lives of its members at risk, and caused public outrage against the group. The statement was aimed at spreading misinformation about the group, by calling it a ‘political outfit’ while the group in its press conference on video categorically explained that it’s an non political forum in front of posse of journalists, and media persons at the Kashmir Press Club on 10th of July 2020.

The press statement by JKSPAM clearly mentioned that it wasn’t a political party, hence it suggests that Mr. Qureshi’s press statement was a deliberate attempt to coercion the group members by maligning their public image and putting their lives at high risk. The group maintains if any of its members is harmed in anyway, the onus will lie on Mr. Qureshi and his family, and those who attested his press statement from his extended family.

If his onslaught on the group continues, JKSPAM will take legal action against Mr. Qureshi for defaming the group, and also projecting the group as a political party, as far as disowning Ms. Laila Qureshi, the forum has decided to not interfere in the personal disagreements within the Qureshi family.
JKSPAM has no relationship whatsoever with FAITH or any other organization, it’s an independent social forum dedicated to address the public grievances and work for the welfare of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ms. Laila Qureshi responding to the allegations and personal assaults made in the press statement said “Joining a social movement, JKSPAM for the welfare of the people of Kashmir and working at an honorable organization FAITH leads my father to disown me is very unfortunate. It’s morally/ethically incorrect for my father or any family member to discuss regarding my son and his custody.” She further added “Also I would like to clear for the welfare of the society and my clients that I am holding MSc Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health from London Metropolitan University, UK and MBPsS from British Psychological Society. I do not require an Indian license to practice in Jammu and Kashmir; also I’m providing assessment and counseling to children and adults (female) which I am eligible to do.”

Ms. Laila Qureshi, is the basic member of JKSPAM, and has been very instrumental in forming of the group, and she has been disowned by father for joining the social cause.

Ms. Laila added “I do not prescribe medication or provide any therapy. If medication or therapy is required I direct them to the concerned professionals. Anyone having doubt after my statement can contact the British Psychological Society, London Metropolitan University, UK or Rehabilitation Council of India. I request the people of Kashmir to keep supporting our cause and ignore the political actions by my father and brother for their benefit.”

JKSPAM would not like to interfere in the personal matters involving Ms. Laila Qureshi, and her family. It’s unfortunate that events have unfolded in such a manner, but we as an organization hope that these personal matters are resolved amicably within the family. As a social forum we extend our moral support to Ms. Laila Qureshi, hereby we also want to mention that she is not the founding member of our organization as projected by Mr. Qureshi’s for his vested interests, to malign the image of our forum.

The press statement issued by Mr. Qureshi is full of misinformation and lies, putting at risk lives of all our members. JKSPAM strongly condemns the press statement and hopes Mr. Qureshi will stop attacking our organization and resolve his personal differences with his daughter without dragging our organization in the midst, and JKSPAM has “no interference” policy on personal matters pertaining to its members.