Noted Urologist Dr Saleem Wani today donated his blood plasma for the treatment of a COVID-19 positive patient admitted at SKIMS, Soura.

“Hamdullilah, donated plasma for a critically ill COVID-19 patient admitted at SKIMS,” he said.

It is to be mentioned here that Dr Saleem was himself tested positive for COVID-19. He, however, later, recovered from the infection and joined by his duty at the hospital.

The blood plasma therapy is showing promising results worldwide in which the blood plasma of the patient who has recovered from the infection is transfused to the critically ill patient, paving a way for the treatment amid the times when there is no proven treatment for the COVID-19 infection.

Dr Saleem also appealed the patients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection to donate their blood plasma for greater good.

“I appeal all those patients who have recovered from this deadly disease to come forward and help the dying patients who have no hope otherwise thus helping the humanity to overcome this crisis. I immediately went back to work in my department meaning thereby it does not adversely affect the donor,” he said.