Parents of Private Schools Association Wednesday urged all the parents not to pay fees till final decision from the government comes. The Association asked the parents of students studying in private schools to wait for the decision of the government as no final decision has some from the government.

Convener, Parents of Private Schools Association, Mohsin Goni told news agency KNT that Private School owners have capitalist mindset and they simply want to suck the blood of parents. “What is the justification of these schools to grab fee from the parents, when there were no economic as well as academic activities during the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said and requested the government to direct the private schools for waiver of fees.

He said that both the associations of private schools were brought under one roof and they agreed to waive the fees of distressed parents. “These owners of private schools backtracked from the promise they had made with us and started demanding fee from all. Now it is our request to parents not to pay fee till the government takes a final call,” Goni said.

He said that government should take parents into confidence before taking any final decision. “Government should understand that parents are facing worst economic problems and they can’t afford fee this time,” he said.

“The salaries of the staff are always taken up by the schools as a tactic to emotionally blackmail the government and parents as well. We ask the government that if the parents have been cooperating with the schools since August 2019 by paying full fee, why the schools this time can’t waive off the fee for the pandemic period,” Goni told KNT