In view of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, as well as keeping in view the currently sensitive security scenario, District Police Srinagar urges the leaders and members of the Shia community of Srinagar to adhere to the SoPs/ guidelines issued by the civil administration in this regard. The District Magistrate, in his capacity as Chairman, DDMA in a circular dated 21-08-2020, and Government of J&K (JKDMRRR), in order numbers 74 and 75 of 2020, have issued extensive guidelines to be followed. *These guidelines strictly prohibit any religious procession or large religious gatherings at any place.* However, they do allow for individual prayers under SOPs which include maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, wearing masks, and regular hand washes, among others.

Stopping the spread of the virus, and thereby saving lives is the duty of each of us in these testing times. Srinagar Police hopes that by partnering us in this mission, the Shia Community will once again set an example for everyone, in this year’s Moharram ul Harram.