Srinagar: The final year MBBS batch 2015 have written letter to Controller Examination Kashmir University urging him to defer exams till October.

The students have said that they have already suffered during pandemic and urged authorities to hold exam on the actual date, rather then in September.

While students have written letter to Controller Examination Kashmir University.

The letter reads, “With due respect and humble submission, we the final year MBBS students Batch 2015 want to bring in to your kind notice that due to this prevailing pandemic, we suffered a great loss as we were not able to attend our major clinical postings.

In this regard, the college administration has decided to conduct our clinical postings for a period of two months so that we are able to compensate the loss suffered”.

It added, “But unfortunately, the university has finalised our dates of final exams by 1st September, which normally used to commence from October, they have in fact preponed it by a month”.

“In this regard, we the students request your esteemed self to defer the exams till October, so that we can be able to attend the clinical postings to have a better understanding of the theoretical part. That will be your most kindness and a valuable step towards the future doctors of valley”, the letter reads.