Faza Zainab / Kashmir Crown

Govt to Reimpose restrictions in Srinagar from Monday due to the spike in COVID-19 cases.

It is unfortunate that people in Srinagar are not taking this deadly virus seriously and are not adhering to the government advisories properly also not taking the precautionary measures.

From last few weeks cases are increasing rapidly. Now govt has reframed the Containment zones in Srinagar : Officials said

68 areas of srinagar are declared as containment zones and will be Compeletly sealed to stop the spread of deadly virus, Thier will be no activity in these zones except opening of chemist shops and movement of essential Services.

Officials told that they are receiving requests from Traders and doctors to Reimpose the lockdown , In its advisory the government has urged people not to step out of home, unless absolutely necessary. “If you have to move out for unavoidable reasons, ensure that you wear a mask and practice social distancing, personal hygiene, Using of hand sanitizers and frequent handwashing with soap and water.” 

If people will still take this virus lightly then in the comming days authorities will unable to overcome the prevailing situations.

Report By : Faza Zainab
Publisher : Kashmir Crown