Pulwama, July 24, According to local news agency KNT: A strict lockdown is in place across Valley including the southern district of Pulwama. The lockdown has been re-imposed in view of the increase in cases of Coronavirus during the last one week.

In Pulwama, the number of positive cases is increasing with each passing day. The district has a large number of quarantine centres compared to other districts but when compared to other districts in the Valley, the recovery rate from Corona infected people in Pulwama is very low, which has caused concern among the people.

Although, the number of Coronavirus cases in Pulwama in the early days was very low as compared to other districts, but after the opening of the lockdown, the cases increased at a brisk rate. Consequently, the district administration re-imposed lockdown here.

Initially, the lockdown was announced for five days. However, it was later extended up to July 31.

Pertinently, it is not just the number of COVID-19 cases in Pulwama which have increased, but the southern district has seen a rise in the number of red zone areas as well. 69 villages have been declared as Red Zone while as 17 villages have been tagged as Buffer Zone. The administration has also imposed fines on those who were violating advisories and ventured out without face masks.

The death toll from this epidemic in Jammu and Kashmir has risen to 294. In Pulwama, the death toll figure stands at 16.

There have been 1128 cases so far in the district, of which about 500 are still affected by Coronavirus.