Srinagar: Strongly condemning the insulting language in a viral video by a self-styled godman from Jammu, Islamic Fraternity (IF) has said that the words have deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims and demanded that the culprits be brought to justice immediately.
Terming the video contents as extremely offensive, Chairman IF, Muhammad Aamir said that Muslims won’t tolerate even a single bad word against the Prophet (PBUH) or Islam as it forms the base of a Muslim’s Imaan (faith).

“The courage that these mentally deranged get from is the inaction by administration or the honour they receive from the communal or social elements eveytime such things happen here or elsewhere in India,” Aamir said.
He said that culprits must be given an exemplary punishment so that nobody buys courage or dares to repeat such acts in future.

Referring to the recent similar act in Bangalore, Aamir said that violent clashes erupted in the city following the derogatory words against the prophet. “If administration wants situation not escalates to that extent, they should arrest all the involved and punish them as soon as possible,” he said.
If now and then, Aamir questioned, administration slaps innocent Kashmiris with Public Safety Acts (PSA), why aren’t such criminals put behind the bars under similar draconian acts?
He said that acting tough against the culprits will not only lessen the anger in Muslims but will also serve as a deterrent to all the communal elements who want to vitiate the atmosphere in the Pirpanjal or in Jammu districts.