Difficult to work in such an atmosphere, says Senior Resident General Medicine; incident unfortunate, says Principal GMC

Hours after the doctors and other paramedical staff called-off their strike; the resident doctors on Saturday evening ‘fled from the hospital to save their lives’ after two of their colleagues and a security man were assaulted by the attendants at the cardiology ward.

Talking to KNO, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Mir, Senior Resident General Medicine, said that a patient was very ill while a resident doctor who was treating the patient at cardiology ward was beaten by some attendants.

He said the resident doctor has suffered grave injury in his shoulder and has been shifted to Bone and Joint Hospital Barzulla.

Furthermore, he added that soon after the security man deployed there tried to save the resident doctors, he was also beaten like anything following which he suffered injury in his spinal cord.

The Senior Resident General Medicine further told KNO that a resident doctor who later reached the spot was also thrashed like anything and later suffered severe injury following which he was admitted in the emergency ward.

However, soon after the incident took place, the police reached the spot but till then the attendants involved in the act had fled from the spot. He further said that after the assault by the attendants, the resident doctors have fled from the hospital to save their lives and are currently in the park.

The doctors will resume their work only after the authorities ensure a conducive atmosphere in the hospital. Besides, proper security should be given to the doctors so that no one would even dare to touch the doctor and assaulting the doctor should be a non-bailable offence,” he added.

Furthermore, the Senior Resident General Medicine said that a minimum number of attendants should be allowed in the ward so that a doctor can treat the patient in a conducive atmosphere without any hindrance.

He added that it is very difficult for them to work in such a situation.

Principal Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar, Dr. Samia Rasheed while talking to KNO termed the incident as ‘unfortunate’.

She had yesterday supported the doctors after they began strike after one of the female doctor was assaulted by the attendants.