under Faculty Development Program by Prof. Sumit Sarkar

from July 4th to 8th, 2022 at WUD Campus

July 4th, 2022: OPENING SESSION

The Workshop was inaugurated in the presence of Dean Academics-WUD, Prof NEENA ZUTSHI along with Dean-School of Visual Art, Prof Rajan Sripad Fulari further the workshop has been attended by esteemed faculties – Prof. Shaleen Sharma (Dean-School of Architecture), Prof Sanmitra Chitte (Dean-School of Business), Prof Devendra Kharb (Dean-School of Fashion) along with participating faculty members and many more students.


A brief introduction about Mask Making Workshop was introduced by Visual Artist and Assistant Prof Sumit Sarkar along with Layout making and Guidance to all faculties, and brainstorming activities were performed with 20 participants including students.


About Mask : People have incorporated Tribal Masks into their cultural ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Some Indian and World-famous Mask- Assamese Mask, Chhau Mask, Himachali and Karnataka Metal Mask, African Mask, SriLankan Mask, Kuba Mask, Hannya Mask. Each of these creations is designed according to the particular traditions of their region. The mask was worn by men in exuberant dances strided slowly and with dignity. Accompanied by music and songs, gestures and rhythms were determined by the type and purpose of the masquerade. Some masks were intended to shock or horrify, others to astonish or to make audience’s laugh. Even the most mystifying mask as we know now had a meaning or a message to convey. A thorough knowledge of the role played by masks in the life of peoples past and present need not diminish our appreciation of them as works of art.

Artist’s View His work reveals his state of mind that focuses on the consternation and stress which help him in composition to establish layers of imagination, blended with reality, also the things around, teach him something new in many ways such as one can observe as traditional mask, puppets, Hindu deities’ character and their facial expression, etc. very clearly in his mask project.

These masks help him learn how to express oneself in front of others without any hesitation, although Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore quotes – Sohoj Kotha Jaye Na Bola Sohoj Bhabe “Easy words are not expressed easily”, which we can relate in today’s world, but these puppets very simply go against these thoughts and present themselves without any fear.


About the Resource Person: Sumit Sarkar is a Visual Artist, who is working with a multidisciplinary approach. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at School of Visual Art, World University of Design. He has completed his M.V.A in Painting, from Visva – Bharati University in Santiniketan and B.V.A in painting from Indian college of art and draftsman, Kolkata.


Sumit is a prolific painter, along with five years of experience as mediums exploring contemporary objects and material. He participated in various National and International Art Projects. His exhibitions took place in Glasgow/ Scotland, Busan /South Korea, UNESCOAND MEADOWS, Italy. Art Expo /Thailand, Dubai, Beijing / China, Dhaka /Bangladesh Biennale. He attended Beijing (2017), Bangladesh (2016) and South Korea (2020) Art Biennale, and there he represented Indian culture and contemporary Indian art through his paintings. He got 2nd Prize (silver) in the practitioner category at the Art exchange program, Thailand. He was also awarded Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust Award, Delhi and the Bombay art Society, Late. Sanjay Haridas Jagdale Award for Best Entry, Mumbai. Camel Art Foundation, Kolkata, and Ministry of Culture [NHRD], scholarship to young artists in the painting category. He possesses vast experience in the field of visual arts in the context of representing, camps, Mural Art, stage crafts, Art workshops. He always prefers a versatile personality and also specializes in special mediums. He believes … “and many more miles to go before I sleep”.