Winter and power crisis .
With the onset of month of November winter starts in valley .As with this season of Autumn comes to end .Night as well as day temperature start to fall down and with approaching days temperature goes sub zero during long winter nights .Days start to get reduced in duration and people mostly stay indoors in order to protect themselves from bone chilling cold .with this administration of the state mainly remain shifted to Jammu .Due to this people face lot of problems in winter in harsh climatic conditions .one among the major problems is that of power crisis in valley as the deficit between power generation and consumption gets increased there is more demand for electricity supply in both urban as well as rural areas of the valley . Bedsides state owned projects electricity is hired from northern grid to meet the demand as major big state projects are owned by NHPC .THIS COSTS corers of rupees to the state exchequer .but the situation regarding supply remains still unsatisfied during winters .MOST rural areas spend their nights in darkness for days without electricity facing lot of problems in winters .They have to rely on other alternatives for their needs .Those people always blames state administration and PDD DEPARTMENT FOR THEIR failure in providing electric supply as they have always to face hardships. Keeping all these factors in consideration state government should try to increase the power generation of state of its own without any monopoly of NHPC OVER THE power projects . Besides this government should also look into the restoration of infrastructure and other mechanic malfunctions in the field so as to avoid unscheduled frequent power cuts . TRANSMISSION LOSSES SHOULD ALSO BE MINIMIZED BY DOING seasonal CHECKING OF WIRES AND POLES OF DIFFERENT ELECTRIC Lines carrying supply to catchment areas . LOAD SHEDDING must be done in a proper way so that less areas get affected due to mismanagement .ON THE Other side PDD DEPARTMENTSHOULD also remain sticked to their winter curtailment schedule which they have set of their own .There should be no frequent disruptions in the supply as electricity is of vital importance in valley in WINTER. On the other side customer/consumers should also manage their domestic workload in such way that transformers may not get damaged as their is frequent complaint of damage of transformers across valley .IF any where such incident happens PDD DEPARTMENT should take fast steps for its restoration .In this way we all should try to overcome power crisis in the valley besides having limited option available . In future state government including political leadership should try to build up pressure on Union government for returning back of some of the major hydropowerprojcts of the valley from NHPC as they only give 10% electricity to the date even when their lease agreement has ended. BUT in KASHMIR successive government has been failed to do so .For becoming any state rich in it supply needs to have good control over it’s resources .SO by doing all these things on ground state government can overcome power crisis in the valley any can provide solution to problems faced by the people in this sector .

By Tanveer Mir
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