Asalaam u Alekum I wish Eid greetings from my side to whole the Muslim Ummah. On this eve i supposed to discuss on a greatest issue of Teaching and Learning. How far we are going true in this aspect.A person never is along A person is always needs a helping hand and is obviously helpful to others. A person sometimes a social shaper but at the same time is social destructor too. A person is for someone the mentor teacher or a real guide but at the same time a person may prove opposite of it. I chat that a person has to live with in cooperative effort if a person has to live in the society. A person has to get his/her needs fulfilled only when he/she knows how to live with a person, within a family, with a community, with a group of friends. Why am I saying all that because a person has to work with his/her colleagues so to get his/her dedication, punctuality expressed. So in short I mean to say we are nothing without the partner, fellow or friend. That’s why the creator feels it important to have a partner to the world’s first ever person, Adam (as) so that to met his requirements as a companion. That was the lifestyle of Adam (as) were every thing was going on its pace. At those times not was a human seen in greed. At that time not was the hurry in any of the doings. Every single thing was happening in a cool way. One person never had the negative international approach to other person. The messenge for the community was always the truthfulness. At the present if not a truthful we are of no value. When a teacher is teaching to a certain community or section of society a lesson of behavior or a lesson of spirituality,maybe either a learner is not ready to grasp all that Or a teacher doesn’t have such type of motivation. It means a bigger gap in between the teaching learning is viewed that present before we people that devalue sign in response to learner and teacher as well. That is automatically giving birth to the unsatisfaction. Unsatisfaction is no more the growth, potential, power or resources for a healthy society to live in. It means when a Teacher didn’t put it’s extreme effort or the extreme effort is put but the learner doesn’t take all the lesson of teacher as with willpower and keen approach it has rightly the negative implementations. Do you know sometimes actually most of times social intellectuals predict that type of society as a underdogs one in various terms. When we have a product in front of us that needs a boost of efforts to shine that product. It needs a hard effort to built up the moral spiritual and overall behavior of a certain society a concrete one. It’s only gonna happen when having a great coordination between the Learner and one who has learning motto otherwise none of the products are developed of it’s own. Dear readers sometimes it’s we who are letting it go thus to find evolutionism of that product of its own. That is failed view if we are adopting dear as society having lots of hopes and expectations on their wards as well as the trainers. Now the questions are rising and rising like a sea. Whether a trainee is really in a move to receive the training of qualities??? Ok we mean it a trainee is 100%ready whether or not a trainer is a quality type or not??? If both the trainee as well as trainer both are ready are they getting a support from the society to grasp all those qualities??? All these questions need to think in a vast manner.
There is a great contradiction in the process of teaching learning on a large scale. As in the same class we appreciate the toppers of that class in a way that the average ones or below average ones getting disappointment and devaluation. We need to think both the rewarded ones and annoyed ones have the same sort of capacity. Somewhere in we are in a fault. We need to feed the students the good and matured content. So what we are providing a quality teaching but unsuccessful in generating the quality product as per learning. That means a quality teaching is failing and falling under a critical approach when unable to present a great learner. There is not a good learning. There is lacking in learning process. That automatic failing a quality teaching. The quality teaching is put under the great critics. When we don’t have a quality learning it means we when passing on a foreline roads are totally unaware how to drive. In class room a teacher had learned us how to drive. The teacher may have thought us the safety majors but it’s we who might have lacking power thus it’s equally for a good Teacher to learn him/her with the keen approach and appreciation so to be away from the blames if you are really a good Teacher. When we make sure a student to learn he/she might remember it for lifetime. If a child is learning any of these subjects Physics, Mathematics, English, History make him/her sure have learned otherwise it’s just a teaching. So I want to say there is a great and big gap in teaching a student and learning a student. Whole the schooling needs a review. As if we are delivering good, teaching a quality, then why not getting a great learner from that teaching. Why I am saying that there is a great difference between Teaching learning process. Being as an educated one it’s my right to aware you I am not a big educatinest but as much as I have I want it to share with you. On the one hand a society as a school wants Engeeners, Doctors, Professors but on the other hand the same society also wants to have with it a content that what ever a child is subjected either Physics Chemistry Or Mathematics the child must be a skilled ones full of techniques but a Being Human. That’s the real Teaching learning process. In that outcome we at present are failing. We are Teaching the students values of education but letting it only upto teaching not making them to learn all those values. We as a society making ones are thinking of good but in implementation of that we are failing. We need to graph up in a right way before our children so that impact of goodness may get imparted for one quality to another in a great learned manner.

By Mudasir Lone