we are all the knowing ones. We know how to utilize the things . We know how to cooperate and operate the things. Every thing has a value. Every thing is selected on merit basis. Same is in our state Jammu and Kashmir in educational field every individual according to rules and regulations is selected on the certain criteria. The format is ultimate. But as the time progresses same things in a particular format are changing. I am not against the SSRB or the way they are proceeding on. I really believe that dates and ideological spirit is preparing one for change and we know change is the law of nature. Change must occur as one can view something unique.The Service Selection Board a recruiting body. It was constituted by Jammu & Kashmir in year 1992. From that year a ray of hope for many of us as by conducting the examinations for the departmental and Non gazetted posts in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir gets raised. I know it is we as common raising voices to have some changes first after the changes are made its we as common ones hitting in a critical way. At the initial it was really a way to success. A way to open the locked door and setting up for the future. It was really a source and real service on the initial date. As the time passed and progressive range goes on some criteria gets fixed that put Lots of us in a felicitated move but at same time there are a number of candidates who are disappointed as well. They are not disappointed by the examination they don’t qualify but some other reasons. As from the past few years or so majority candidates are of the view that SSRB is just not thinking about future generations but focusing on how to upgrade the economic stature. As the less posts that are being created even if having vacancies .Still for these few vacancies the race to submit the examination from begins. Everyone with hope and by their expected hard work is submitting to appear. There are one who not having even the resources to submit the Examination from of 400rs that at one time was of worth 200rs the SSRB has to think over that. If SSRB is a true server, if SSRB feeling the pain of ones who have grabbed the degrees, if SSRB is really woken up body I trust they may think on certain issues. SSRB had to accept that the candidates appearing in the examination are just not coming to get an entertainment. Few of the issues I may mention right here. If SSRB really want to serve for the youth they have to be like the head of the family who taking notice of his/her every member. It is the head of the family who is taking report of family and thus handling every plan gently. Let’s not go far enough to understand you how much SSRB is now involved in just money minting process. As the candidate putting hard effort to get in the examination. He/She is passing through a chain of hardships. It can be understood like this the candidate do the labour work for just submitting the examination for as one has not the economic stature that SSRB has adopted by fixing fee rates. Still he/she making possible to get in the examination. See how injustice is with one who is giving everything for that appearance. See how important for one is the examination of SSRB. See how one getting the earning just for appearance in the examination and how much cruel intend one acting when changing the criteria at the death spots. It is the candidate who after viewing the examination criteria feeling sympathized relax cool and calm. He/She having a good hope to get succeed but they are not knowing that just an order can put them on their knees. Just an order can make them to chew their nails. As their are some criterion the is slumbering the generations. I am really not against adopting or changing any criteria never. I know it is a great step taken but not on right time. It is one giving much importance to his/her strong areas knowing that it is the only area that is my platform for success but think a moment when the only strong area is embarked the only door open for one is closed.I can say it as the aspirants sent for Examination surprisingly they asked to plough the field that never would happen. The notification for the appointment of Junior Assistant was notified earlier months. It was expected that ones who are having good hold on Type test are the ones who are deserving but it took various candidates in a surprise when hearing that Type Test is not enough for the recruitment. It’s all due to steps like these that are just degrading the value of a candidate. The candidates thus falling in a great depression. As for the ones who would have been the masters of type test are kicked off just like a tissue paper. One has to think it’s just not the single candidate it is the number. Thus the ray of hope step by step getting to be active as an ultraviolet one. The SSRB examination is taken seriously by the aspirants one should have to think thousand times before adopting or erasing any of the criteria. These are the steps that need to be taken before months so that an aspirant may get adopted whether he/she is applicable or not. SSRB is having one more drawback. SSRB after examining is taking a long long time in the announcement of results. What it is doing is enslaving age bar of selected ones and youth Thus had to give it up. It is really a hurting. These are some of the issues that need a concrete way out. As due to this number of youth get disinterested with their steady. SSRB in my sense if is the purest form of service providers. It is due to these some issues that are represented by youth in a negative way thus making the purest form of service providers to feel uneasy. It also had a great impact on social stature. The number of youth thus getting involved in odd jobs that are not suitable for them. That is why one call it as a money minting process. Lot of candidate giving up even if they are applicable reason behind that is the examination centers are seen for them the issue. The examination centre for the aspirants is biggest problem. As one has to go from one district to the other. That putting the aspirants in a great tension too. As for reaching out at centre on time one has to arrive early. For that one has to arrange the fair charges so that one can pick the room at rental fair. It is therefore requested to this body that the centre for examining the examines should be in the catching area. What happens when one has to reach far flung area, he/she even most of times didn’t remember the essential requirements for exam. So how can we configure he/she may have put good effort to his/her examination if he/she may get the allowance order too. No not at all as the same thing happened with me in past year or two. I was all set to grab my online railway examination. On check of Identity Card and Hall ticket I was barred from entrance in the examination centre. I know that was my fault. I am not blaming anyone for that. There is a big lesson for we people that we need not to put the future shaping boy/girl in such situations. As it needs to remember that one is sacrificing every thing for his/her future to get that a shape. If we have to review the system and pattern of examining the examines it must be taken early. Do remember it is the future to a society. Society can be build up or raise down all because of our faults. I mean to say if we take certain initiatives at wrong time it can effect the social structure but if gets a good appreciation if we took initiatives at right time. It may therefore build up our faith. It is actually the faith that is boosting and put our configurations on right slot. I believe that what is done as a chance of change is suggested by we people and is good. We after implementing sudden changes may not put under the critical thinking. Change really put you in a new surrounding. All of sudden change is a bit tough to get in…. Change to introduce need time and Change to show its effect takes time as well.
So not to face the hectic problems SSRB must overview certain things. So that student wing gets relaxed. Some changes are due that must occur like remission in exam fee as all sections are not sailing in a same ship here. Some can effort thousands some can’t even arrange a penny it needs to be taken under notice because all of us are not touching the skies as per economic stature. The run to centre needs shortened. More better is if centre may get placed under localized areas. That can save our money as well as time. Because both money and time are important for a student who is shaping up his/her future. The rising range of tension and depression may get low by approval of easement to a candidate. Humanity too is the name of providing easiness to the others. It is only by that the SSRB may get rid off from the name of Money Minting Machine that in my sense was and would not add inshallah…. “Hope for good as hope is the ray of success “


By Mudasir Lone wadoora sopore