Small & marginal apple growers of Kashmir have requested PM Modi to put a halt on illegal import of Iranian apples via Dubai & Afghanistan.This because cheap Iranian apples are eating the market share of Kashmiri apples by 50%…1.5 crore apple boxes in godowns, another 1.5 crore apple boxes in cold stores, don’t find any takers in lndian market.This then has resulted in heavy losses to Kashmiri apple growers & direct losses of livelihood to a vast majority of Kashmiris.

On same analogy, when we get the utopian Azadi, & with we having no access to lndian market, how are we going to make-do?

Wait, are you looking for our beloved Pakistan & Afghanistan to safeguard us?
Instance this: Pakistan figures in the top10 of countries with highest external debt.
Do l need to emphasise the economic plight of Afghanistan, with only flourishing trade their being opium & heroine.


No! No! I’m not against the utopia of Azadi per se, my moot point is, with we being in our Lala Land of Azadi, how are we going feed our children, forget about education, health, connectivity et al?

Moral: Azadi & Muslim Ummah alright, albeit it’s about plain economics & livelihood.