Author:- Shahzad Hussain
M.A. Political science (1st sem ) Central University of Kashmir .

As long as a nation remains away As long as a nation remains away from education ,it becomes very difficult and even sometimes impossible for her to identify right and wrong , legal and illegal.And there would be no existence of change. It reminds me of Nelson Mandela who rightly said , ” Education is the most important tool which you can use to change the world”.
As for as kashmir is concerned education during Dogra rule was mostly confined to kashmiri pandits only and muslims would join ‘ Maktabs’ , where they would learn to read quran and persian from any local cleric . Ultimately it were the pandits who used to hold public offices.
Since liberalization in economic sphere was implemented in India in 1990’s and it emphasised on private ownership.For last three decades we have seen exponential growth in the establishment of private schools ,as people are investing in this area to become more and more capitalist . These institutions have become the hub of rich people as they are the ones who could afford such huge fee and it left the poor students with a feeling of being poor right from their childhood .
Govt. has completely failed to make govt run schools at par with the private ones. They have just politicized this matter like ‘ panie, bijlee,and sadek ‘ and left the poor parents and their wards in a sorrowful existence . Poor people could hardly make their both ends meet and it becomes very painful for them to fulfill the dreams of highr education of their children .
I have seen many of my acquiantances who gave up studies after 9th standard , the most important reason for this was that they couldn’t afford stationary and tuition fee for winters.

To conclude , it is actually the super-structure of our society which wants the poor to remain in poverty forever, and that is why they don’t come with a policy in which poor man’s and C.M’s son study and learn on a same bench.