To whom should we report about potholes in a newly constructed bypass road .

Aatif Qayoom

Potholes have become a major cause of inconvenience for those using the bypass road in Handwara. Poor quality of roads and uncoordinated work by various departments among other factors have exacerbated the problems caused by potholes in the sub district.

A local resident said that pothole ridden roads have become a major problem for the locals and visitors in Handwara as this road was Macdamized few years back only.
Water logging during the rains prevents the potholes from being noticed which can lead to accidents, he added.

A local driver said that the potholed roads are riskier to drive on in the night with the risk of accidents rising due to the rains.

Another local resident, said that potholes pose a real danger especially after water logging following rains. The authorities should take effective measures without delay to address this problem, he added.