1. Yesterday i.e on 28 Nov 2022, JKPSC notified the exam date for AE MECHANICAL for the posts advertised for which the last date was 08-09-2022. That is a gap of around 3 months. However when we go over the syllabus, which is a copy paste of UPSC IAS optional, any subject expert/professor would deem minimum 8 months for preparation of this syllabus.

2. These posts have been advertised after 16 years(Last AE MECHANICAL recruitment carried out by JKPSC in 2006). So the preparation time should be fair so that the candidates stand on a level ground.

3. Age limit for the posts is 40 years. The dispersion in age is from 20-40 years and many candidates have appeared in the 2006 exam as well and want to give their best chance at this recruitment.

4. Mechanical Engineering has no more posts available after this. There are no more recruitments after this unlike JKAS which takes place regularly in a loop and in which if you have no preparation time for one exam you can give it a chance next time.

5. JKPSC advertised posts of Scientific officers in FSL last year in July and conducted the exam for the same in November 2022 i.e after a gap of 16 months. Same is the case with Skill development lecturer posts which were advertised at the start of 2022 and exams were held in November 2022.


6. No prior exam calender was presented with the advertisement by JKPSC which is the case in BPSC(Bihar), GPSC, UPSC and MPSC etc. Furthermore this syllabus was never used for JKPSC for any other exam and was never available before on the website unlike other commissions of the country where syllabus for all positions is available despite non active recruitments.

7. Freshers who got graduated in 2022 had no clue about syllabus and preparation time required. This is the first time the are sitting in such an examination.

8. This is a one session exam with around 1500-2000 candidates appearing from both Jammu and Kashmir centres. This is not a JKAS examination which will distribute the schedule of the commission any which way. It can be conducted on any other date and date in a two hour session only.

For fair competition, we request the Chairman JKPSC and Honourable LG Sir to intervene and save career other all aspirants who have put forth logical points here.