At the moment I would like to say what the patience is??? How fruitful the patience is for the growth of a healthy society??? Sabar as word of what everyone is known. The word we all may have heard many times. We need to know what the realness comes out if we adopt ourselves on the merits of patience. We need to know about the patience when it comes to us as a Muslim. Sabar is translated in various types like patience. You have come to know patience is the part of Sabar not the whole cracks. It’s actually we who do not realize the extinct of Sabar..As I feel and found it very much important to have a little bit on what we are not found The patience. Patience is something that can define our real nature of interactive behavior. Patience is something that may prove our courage. Patience is something that is a certified element to any person on this planet. Patience is something that definitely proving the versatility, calabar, dignity and moral of any of us. If i may go under the lights of our holy book Quran There are so many verses that speaking volumes in regard to the patience. Speaking of the patience having great rewards here and hereafter. One such verse is speaking like as “ Indeed Almighty Allah recompenses those who bare patience in an unlimited fashion, unlimited in this world and the next. You will see the fruits of patience. If you are impatient what would happen???we all have to think and why someone is impatient??? If you taste a little bit of impatient I am not saying that you need to endure oppression. I am not saying that, I am saying when you do something good by being patient, where you can be patient Almighty Allah never ever throws the reward of a person who is a good in his/her deeds. Patience is a very great asset that is running out our body mind. The patience mostly is holding our nerve. So the patience having a great control on ones nerve organ in my sense. As one is holding every single and tougher task at its ease then we may say that person is full of patience. As the person starts to violate that is the sign to that person as an impatient one. So here is it important to say that we are not on a same line of patience. Some are aggressive, shy, quick, clever, lazy etc. All having a sort of patience upon what our lives run ahead. If we run our lives in a patient mood we would be easing our way of life. The impatient life is dead sure to put us in critics and we may loose the power of right ideas and proper thinking.
Patience is one of the key elements in our lives. All the righteousness could be seen by switching on the key of patience. We have disconnected our links with the patience. We need to get interlinked with time and patience. Having patience being able to wait camlycamly in the face of adversity and frustration. Dear readers where ever there you are going to face adversity and frustrated environment you have a weapon of patience to go ahead. At home with kids, at colleges and universities with colleagues we need to practice the patience. The people who practice patience are mentally seen fit. Patient people are seen away from depression and negative emotions, perhaps because they can cope better. We need patience in our daily hassle, traffic jams, long lines at grocery store so to go ahead on ease.
As if in present we are living but that’s what is called the impatient living. A person having even a moment for him/herself to get things sorted in a decent way and easily. Lacking the power of patience is giving birth to the indisplened society. My dear readers do you know we have lost the life of joy and grabbed or I may say invited the life with miseries. All that is only because we have no patience. Patience is what is important for us to develop. Patience once developed, we are developing our presence in this world. Patience once developed we are developing personalities. Patience once developed we are developing a strong family. Patience once developed we are developing a society. So how is all that possible is to hold the every momentum a while. So to proceed on easily, smoothie way. If edging our lives as I am saying everything good is gonna knock our doors. Ashamed am I that nothing good is going for us it’s all because we have sidelined the patience. We are lecturing only the word patience in actual in reality we are impatient living beings. Dear readers we are most of times are seeing that most important decision going against us, all because we take such decisions impatiently. That invites unsure happenings for us. Almighty Allah blessed we with the Time. It means we can take a required amount of time for whatever we have to do. We neither may take less normal we should take access time for anything to get that done. Here it is clear taking access time for anything to get that done is just for us loss and lack of precious resources Time. So for living a happy life we have to take the key card called Patience. The patience at times is irritated for a person full of patience by we impatient once. Do you know why because we are unknown of value of patience. In any of the department educational or anyone else we left nothing undone to disturb the patience that gives birth to the perturbed work culture. That’s why we are viewing ourselves backward in most fields. All I can say take time be calm and release your great ideas at proper time and in a proper way. All the things may get sorted as per your will. Most important is you may feel comfortable, relax and satisfied with your job.
Mudasir Lone Wadoora sopore