Omar Abdullah the tallest ‘Tarbaaz’ of Kashmir – Sajad Gani Lone

J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Gani Lone today said that Omar Abdullah is emerging as the tallest ‘Tarbaaz’ of Kashmir.

Reacting to a question on recent statements on proxy parties, Sajad said that the People’s Conference is a 45 years old party which has seen nothing but state excesses and jail.

“More than 700 – 800 workers of PC were put in jails under the PSA, thousands were killed, some shot, some lynched, two of our leaders even died in the jails. So, Its not like we are a party of the establishment. Instead everyone knows the National Conference and PDP are what one would call an establishment party. PDP was formed in 2002 by the establishment. National Conference was first a cadre based party and turned in to an establishment party after 1996. We have always faced brutality and prejudice and the most of it came from the National Conference”, he said.

He further maintained that he finds it very humorous that the people who spent a decade or more of their lives in prison and were brutally beaten are being accused by those dearest to the establishment.
“What can they say to the Peoples Conference. My own father spent a decade in Tihar prison for nothing. Recently someone showed me a video in which they alleged that my father said something about article 370 in 1970 even though my father denied that several times. My father only was jailed because he was saying nothing but truth”, he added.

Responding to a question on Omar Abdullah’s recent statements, Sajad said that Omar sahb is becoming the biggest charlatan of Kashmir. Off-late  his new Con is that “if we’d have been in power we would have done this and that” but we have already seen when you were in power during 2010, when young teenagers were being killed on the streets, the hardened curfews. The union home secretary had to come forward to give the relaxation during those curfews not you. We also saw you when the resolution for internal autonomy was passed and then rejected by the BJP government, who were their allies at that time.

“At that time proprietary demanded your resignation must have come forward but you didn’t resign.  Hence I call you a charlatan.  When Article 370 was revoked by the parliament, it was the same parliament in which his parliament members were laughing while at it, none of them did anything. If someone raised their voice and protested for it at the time was the Fayaz Mir sahb, that is also the history to remember. So to say that if we were in power we would have done something is merely hoodwinking the people. We know you would have done nothing, it’s just pure drama”, he added.

Sajad further maintained that it would be unfair to equate the issue of Article 370 and farm laws.

“Don’t be under any delusions of such thoughts. Nobody is concerned with what Kashmiri Muslims are saying. Remember the demand for to reenact Article 370 will never end. If I stop saying it or Omar sahb stops saying it someone else will continue, it will never die. And there will be a day, which I’m very confident of that they themselves will restore it back not because of our advocacy but because the pressure they will face for it”, he added.


Responding to a question on Article 370, Sajad maintained that Article 370 will be restored either in the Parliament or in the courts, im very sure that they will have to give it back to us , you just wait and watch.

“While we were still in detentions here, we was the first party to challenge the decision in the court. We fought for it and will keep fighting for it. It is evident that we have to convince the parties and its clear until there is BJP in power they will not give it back. But BJP won’t last forever and it depends on who will be the next ruling party in the centre”, he added.

Reacting to Omar Abdullah’s public jibe at her alliance partner Sajad said that he felt really bad for what they said about the late Mufti sahib, for joining forces with the BJP.

“They made it look like they have never made an alliance with the BJP themselves. The first one to ally with the BJP was Omar Abdullah himself, everyone knows it.
You see how Omar sahb and Mehbooba ji sit together in an alliance. Its a different matter that it shows the helplessness of the Mehbooba ji to sit with him. But should he have said what he said yesterday. It was her alliance party, there was no need of abusing her. I was saying it from the beginning that they are not truth worthy”, he added.

Commenting about the issue of vote division, Sajad said that the whole concept of vote division in Kashmir is pure nonsense.

“Only a few parties had vote banks in Kashmir. Pre 1987 era National Conference and Sheikh sahb undeniably had a considerable cadre base. In 1977 election, Abdul Gani Lone sahb , Geelani sahb and Qabili sahb were the only ones to win. At that time Mufti sahb lost his deposit. In 1983 again Mufti Sahib lost his deposit. In 1987 Mufti sahb was the president of the Congress party which allied with the NC to infamously rig the election. When PC, JeI and other parties later boycotted elections, the voters went to the newly formed parties. And today when we are back they came back to us. If National Conference talks about the vote division that’s still understandable but how can PDP say the same. They had no vote from the start, which is a reality you can ask anyone. They used to fight from RS Pora, the first constituency Mufti sahb won and later fought  from Muzaffarpur. Basically what National Conference is saying that none should be facing against them. How is that even possible?

Sajad further accused the NC of dividing votes in the Pir Panchal and Chenab to ensure a safe passage for the BJP.

“You must have heard it what they have been propagating recently about the vote division theory. When Omar sahb went to Inderwal yesterday, won’t he divide the Muslim votes, wouldn’t there presence divide in doda? Have BJP sent them for the vote division? Otherwise, in chenab where BJP never secured even a single seat now have four from the region because of vote division.

Who is doing that vote division? Who sent them there to do so? There is Congress already and its reality if BJP faces Congress there fairly, the outcome will come in the favor of congress. But the NC is hellbent on dividing the Muslim votes because it helps the BJP”, he added.