The Valley known to be the Adobe of Angels. As at his times may have been in point of concern or not but at present surely. The solid ground with a variety of features, variety of cultivating aspects and manners. With one trying to be familiar throughout all his intercourse by hushed acts, rather to gain all that through the cessation of hostilities. I harmonize your puissance and potency have picked up what approximately I am going to generate in my moral compass!!!! Yes the valley eminent one as per human race. Kashmir the peace esteeming valley. The Valley full of euphoric lights as a letter-day for valley the magnanimous for one to experience. The grove engulfing valley in my logic are the amber of autumn on the newly wed, was seeming our valley !!!why not really a landmass where humans act as a shield to safeguard the valley from deformity. The leaflet, offshoots, fruitage and flowers are seen embellishing our valley since ages. The beauty captured through them is thus buffering up only the market value of valley. That’s why the great Mughal Emperor Jahangir when one eve to Kashmir mentioned. It’s then in my essence £ speciality really a Heaven. As at recent the people from foreign prefer the, Valley J£K to get relaxed . One thing from last past date is playing negative role in lifting peace that needs to be £ need of an hour is to retain it (Peace).
If There is Paradise on Earth
It’s here It’s here It’s here
Lots of queries, currenting in my piece of mind. That inhabitant mass roaring for serenity??? Aren’t we among Humans?? Don’t we are figured out as live???
A long epoch passed in smoke of miseries with the present generation also getting involved. The children are getting in huge confusion. As the children get less time to spend in schools, colleges. It in turn has a false impact on moral life of children more importantly over their future careers. Also puts a great minus impact too on the Society. As society is not going to get the Intellectuals, scholars due to situation of smoke £ miseries all it needs a peace initiative. We have to accept it all that is because of Curfews, Band calls. The Kashmir at most is seen imprisoned in homes. That too putting great impact on overall livelihood of J£K. Jammu £ Kashmir is in a wailing cage ,that’s why in Kashmir a Mother panic of her son. For valley and the cries with despondent tears of fear rolling down. Had you think of those moist eyes ever. As every single entity feeling that too with grieve is just for sake of Kashmir, for sake of humanity, for the sake of blood bath to be halted ,to be controlled. Unexpected things are now common in valley. My heart gets strongly stroked when hearing of human loss either of a civilian or a security guard. We must be broadminded as all of us are chasing the peace and tranquility imagine how ashamed we are!!! We have to adjust ourselves as such with caliber, character, behaviour at its pinnacle so that we need not much to address and realize that realism may get apparent, observable of its own seeing as we in elapsing date are among ones who share peace and tranquility. That means somewhat wrong is happening with us and we of our own have to be accountable. We need to switch on now for peace. Believe me every single thing will get in support of we people. We combiningly have to through out aggressive intentions and embrace the peace. Life without peace giving birth to boring life, life full of tensions, turmoil, life full of diseases. Oh valley day by day sinking down and down, human loss, protection layers(important laws safeguarding Valley) are put in debate to get them abolished, they work for our valley as inhalation. All gets happened due to unavailability of peace. That is why at present we are maintaining a good stistical record of people falling in a tension, sickness, deprived, distressed, £ in great depression. What the recent loss is the most times valley on strike. That just pushing us backward £ giving invitation the Poority,misery, suffocations and life with puzzle. We all have to interface with key of accord, amity and goodwill to tackle the arduous locale. The representatives ,intellectuals if putting harder approach, afford intentions to overcome fear £ distresses are commanded to be in silence. The stage where every single entity appeal for tranquillity self-determination. A person from berucracy saying goodbye to his job as per his mark of entry in a wing clearly unknown to him hope he possibly made positive attitude to satisfy and ensure people I am with you. The new knight in politics opted for Kashmir. The race after peace to retain back the status, dignity status and identity for a common person. He also get in run just to chase the peace. Here I would like to say he opted without the memorandum that needs to be shared. He (Shah Feisal Sir) acted as a quivering force also because after his entrance into politics many more get in that run of politics, hopefully peace attaining must be an opinion they get in that wave only for retaining Identity and the identity to we is Peaceful attitude. It is very much possible if each and every one would be called for peaceful dialogue to stop the role of acting like wild. Don’t go on blaming one another as blames are not never reply of tranquil nature so give a little space and provide the conditions for peace. Peace is what is successful key to every nasty initiative. The person reacting as ill treated must be called off. Each and every contrivance to Our Valley was staying safe on its place. The Valley J£K for the aliens, first sight visitors is admitted as place of joy and happiness, admiring for them as if nothing wrong is happening they are expressing when in power the dictators, it is because they are known to the ground reality act as if not having knowledge of other side of the coin, as valley J£K is going through such illness that is yet to be treated, but under such hostile environment too humans act as Beinghumans thus can never get exemplified place otherthan J£K. If we talk of human behavior, Love and Tranquil behaviour every one is expressing here on this part (J£K)of planet is trying to become an appeaser what for most of us is of veracious act to be the social knight. That evaluationized the thought of compilation among the politicians to be on hot seat and same for the commons but in my imagination the thoughts are having different goals one section after the attainment of stillness playing humans as their shield and other one rescuing humanity by gaining peace. It means The Kashmir Valley was a place with pleasance seeming to be displaced as per rights for an individual to have those . Truth is that at present may be seen as a hostile Landmass. You may be dumbfounded that I had said about cultivating aspect then how one gets unquiet, is the matter of fact. Peace as in Quran is symbolised as, “When any individual gets submitted towards the Supreme Reality the Almighty Allah, for attaining the character full of purity”. Make you possibly think about the shining side of the Valley Jammu £ Kashmir because everything best comes out of peace the words for present day ruling groups in our Valley J£K. I somehow feel we Kashmiri are restricted if peace and Tranquility is considered. The biggest and most acceptable body peacekeeping one may have to go as per the signature of public. Because we are going backward by viewing every new day a shutdown. Single day just is announcement of darkness for we all.Socially,Culturally,Economically and mostly morally we are nowhere. The best option as per my view point is to unlock the doors of peace that once where exact examples to live like.. The fraudulent activity is important to be barred and fraudsters too. As Almighty Allah in Quran had mentioned that be kind to all that is within the nature and one who is the head of family must be kind hearted so that peace gets its existence, because the fraudster never is giving an avail opportunity for tranquility to get flourish. The missing out of the young blood, blood boil, innocent youth needs to go on a smooth peaceful way to shape their future not the bloodshed and the cause of necessarily sorted must have to be keep under consideration. That all is good in reach what is immediate to be approved..
With peace in hands Every lone matter will treat with you by nonviolent means. To curb the bloodbath and the uncertainties reflecting with valley. It’s up to we in general to introduce ourselves as magnificent preachers of peace. The Stillness is the energetic quality of being. “If you want to know yourself in your living stillness there in the world is nothing powerful than you” Behave delicately and as a bold one let we all provide a way to the stillness peace and tranquility. So that the lines quoted by great King Jahangir may get their place back otherwise those lines are never suited for the Valley Under peace less cover.



By:-Mudasir Lone Sopore