I don’t know if it is a routine or a sort of discipline for any society to proceed on with out any violation. “I have from my elders heard live your life in a responsible £ respective manner you would really touch the skies “So proceeding on in a smoother way £ reaching to the heights there are some laws and orders we have to fallow only then it’s possible. The laws & orders are sorted only to fallow the lifestyle in a disciplinary move otherwise just the implementation where nothing going as per schedule would led you to the destruction. Almighty Allah in Quran mentioned that act like a mankind, as we are known if we go beyond the norms & conditions only for our sake we are commenting a sin. We have to accept that the sinful life we are developing nothing else by going beyond norms & conditions I mean to say rules & regulations, laws8£ orders. Those who try to change them are just violating the disciplinary action of any society. Would you believe or not our souls are cursing after that sinful acts & intends. Think before one gets in action. Its not a single person linked with these laws£ orders, rules £ regulations but a large territory. I am sayin & about laws £ orders , rules & regulations since my start but are you getting what about I am saying “ Yes you must know I am talking about the Constitution. A word that is meant for maintenance, & development under rules  & regulations. Like every Country, State, Society, is having & are going ahead under their Constitutional rights, in the same manner proceeds on J&K.

As per my imagination the Constitution of J&K is unique £ the constitution that prevails special status to its citizens as by having a Constitution £ it’s own Flag.. This Constitution is an indisputable one. Under the Constitution is an important & one has to say special Articles planted in the Constitution, Where one has a special status. Article 35A is considered to be the bed rock of the Constitution of J&K. Acting as the base like any of the building is constructed £ erected stand on base, same is the function of 35A for the natives of J&K .At moment if we take 35A one had to be of the ideology that its the identity of a territory called J£K that is struck down,if something uncertain happen to this Article. The Article just represents the J&K. Now the stage is set to get the article 35A struck down as is on hearing. Either 370 or 35A both are in defend of J&K £ the regional politicians too along with public putting their sentiments ,heart out in defending the right that at moment is a front page news to be getting uprooted. The Article 35A or 370 both are the protective guards for J£K. That is why everyone in valley is in anger aggressive £ hard of emotions. If the identity is snatched from any territory one has to know it will never gonna give better results in reaction the conditions may get much more on hot turbine & who knows that turbine may enslave the valley J&K. The J&K must come together as a shield to safeguard their identity. It is that issue which just struck down by any doctrine may produce the fault results.

What is Article 35A?? Why the question of struck down of Article 35A got birth only after 2014? Why not from the date of 1954?Is that only a trend of electoral process or beyond that!!! Important for all of us to steady £ Know why is in nowadays becoming a hot topic at state £ Central level. Every individual sharing his/her thoughts £ views regarding this topic. The Article 35A gets added to the Constitution through Presidential order on 1954 with concurrence order £ the citizans of J&K were given citizenship of India as before that they were not the citizens of India. It implemented the special privilege to the residents of J&K. Let we go back the Maharaja rule where Heri Sing implemented a law regarding State Subjects £ their rights. It is important here to mention that the notice issued by the then Maharaja Hari Sing states that “A permanent citizen of J£K can be one who was born in state in 1911 or before £ has been living there since then and also the ones who have legally purchased the property The article 35A get inserted during Delhi Agreement between JL Nehru £ Sheikh Abdullah where several provisions of Constitution were extended to J&K. If Article 35A gets struck down 370 in itself is devaluing. It’s not a minor issue to scrap Article 35A. The scraping of Article 35A may put a great impact on part 1 £ part 3 of the Constitution, because if Article 35A is struck down it means J£K may be seen separating from rest of the country. So it needs to be not taken easy.

We have to imagine if Article 35A is struck down what is gonna it’s effective factor on J£K. We may lost the hope of being Kashmiri means our identity is lost. We have right to go for Government jobs in any of the region but if 35A gets struck down the other regions from different parts of India can be the part of J£K as per permanent citizens as well as in property matters wherein they may get right to have jobs here, it directly may put the territory in backfoot. One may be jobless. If that happened our level of developing may get down and down. This thus is the worst hit for the J&k.


Another impact on the J£K may prevail in the sence that due to the safeguard of 35A J&K having right to hold property but if it gets off rooted the people from other states have right to property thus it is seeming to be the biggest upset for people of J£K. By this the impact may be seen directly on the changes of demographic level. Article 35A or 370 put on the debates, discussions just to give birth the unexpectations £ nothing else . That is what may prove terrible. That directly may put impact on the trade £ Commerce too as the natives may be like strangers. The 35A is having one more impact that the voting in general assembly of J&K is debarred to Non residents if washed away. This Article 35A £ 370 are interlinked in some respect£ hence is interlinked with the Public of J&K. The 35A is then safeguarding the J£K. Let it be…. Negative impacts that it may shed that due to the anger £ devaluation of identity people may come out to protect their safeguards.


This in turn may prevail the voilance that has no fruits. In future the valley may be identified as a stranger having not it’s living place not it’s identity if article 35A or 370 is reshaped. The territory must be put on the track to process on in a smoothie way. As 35A acts as the breathing power for J&K. One doesn’t want his her identity to be questioned that in itself will be called the question mark. That’s why everyone is raised so that to live as per the privilege £ dignity that too may prevail the sense of humor £ development. The public in valley may put his/her interestingly.


Note :- Kashmir crown has nothing with this article this is author’s own.

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