As per top sources in Jammu and Kashmir congress committee ex mlas of party are expected to resign as soon as new president is appointed , the senior leaders of the party are annoyed with gen secretary incharge and there leader as without there concent and deliberation he/she have jointly given the name of junior most leader of the party which is not accepted to majority of the leaders who have been fighting on streets from last 8 years and the said leaders who in the race have been involved in anti party activities which has builed cracks in Azad lobby as they to have rejected him as on today. The others leaders are strictly and silently watching the suitvation on day to day bases and they also are expected to fallow the same path. The leaders of the party want deliberation on the issue otherwise they are ready with the decision to move away from party as the state is heading for election process which was demand of all political parties and the ex legislators and leaders are gearing for election in there respective areas and they demand no reshuffling at the movement. It the high command was in that mood they should have done it year before (sources)